25 August 2010

No Ordinary Family Pilot Feedback

The other day,  Julie Benz, the star of the upcoming series, No Ordinary Family, posted a link from her Twitter  directing people to watch her new show's pilot episode. It was available to the first 50,000 people but since I found out about it much, much later, I missed the opportunity to even check if it's available in my territory. Fortunately, people on the internet are enterprising. So, within a few hours, I found myself watching this series. And as expected, it feels a lot like the live-action version of The Incredibles.

No Ordinary Family Cast Photo

In No Ordinary Family Julie Benz plays  opposite Michael Chiklis, who after watching the pilot last night, proved to me that there's a reason why he won Best Actor for the Emmy's a few years back (2003).  As Jim and Stephanie Powell, these two actors shine with believability and Michael Chiklis can really play the lead effectively.

The pilot episode starts off slow, I have to tell you. Anyone expecting fast pacing and some really cool action scenes and effects will probably have to wait awhile because the first episode took pains to show that their family started out as ordinary....

Jim, Stephanie and their kids, Daphne and JJ, didn't have inherent super powers first and discovering that they had changed (after their plane crash-landed in a swamp somewhere in South America)....the story continues to show us how they first come to terms with having super powers.  It's pretty predictable and long-winded. I did sit up and take notice, however, when towards the end of the episode, a surprising twist was revealed. You would have to watch it to find out what.

I have anticipated this show ever since I learned about it.  As a fan of Chiklis on The Shield, I am conditioned to like it no matter what. Though, there were moments in the pilot where I felt was dragging, overall, it did not disappoint me.

It's interesting to also note that like in The Incredibles, Jim's best bud is played by a black guy. The only thing missing from this is a baby with superpowers as there is no JackJack in the Powell household.

21 August 2010

Crushing on Rizzoli & Isles

I've been meaning to blog about Rizzoli & Isles and profess my absolute girl crush over this series and its stars. Every episode (and there's about six now), it just keeps getting better and better to me.

I like that there's so much sisterly bonding between the two lead characters, Jane Rizzoli (played by Angie Harmon) and Maura Isles (played by Sasha Alexander).

Rizzoli is gutsy. Being the only female cop in a Boston precinct's Homicide Division, she prefers to be treated as an equal among her peers of male detectives. She is sporty and tough, and is not afraid to go head-on with suspected criminals. Rizzoli is surrounded by her wacky Italian family and has an overbearing mom (played by Lorraine Braco).

Isles works in the precinct's Forensic Division. While Rizzoli is out on the streets, chasing the bad guys if you will, Rizzoli prefers working with the dead. She is always dressed so impeccably and exudes an aura of grace and poise. I find it amusing watching how Isles is sometimes so disconnected from how average people live (such as Rizzoli's family), as she was raised in a privileged environment. And yet, she's not so naive when it comes to facts, trivia, figures or historical data. Isles is like this walking Encyclopedia.

Inspite their differences, Rizzoli & Isles are the best of friends. Their personalities and backgrounds may clash and they would often banter. But theirs is the kind of friendship that works. They are supportive and effective as co-workers. Though not much of their personal lives have been explored yet (the series is still very new), they do seem to enjoy each other outside of work. You don't often see this kind of teamwork, of opposites complementing each other, played out on television...much less with women characters. Which is why this is what makes me love this show even more.

Rizzoli & Isles is one of summer season's and cable TV's hits (if not the top-rated summer series). Gawker TV calls this: Sex and The City With Guns & Murder.

Some of my favorite quotes:
Rizzoli: Did you ever date the same guy as your best friend?
Isles: No.
Rizzoli: Did you ever have a best friend?
Isles: No.
Rizzoli: You'd tell me if you were a cyborg, right?
Isles: I'm not seeing him.
Rizzoli: Yet.
Isles: Somebody should. Don't you think?
Rizzoli: Yup.
Isles: Should we draw straws?
Rizzoli: Couldn't we just show him our tits and let him decide?
Isles: Haven't you ever been afraid of anything?
Rizzoli: Uh, witches! My family went to Salem when I was little.
Isles: See, you were very impressionable.
Rizzoli: Yes, I had to sleep with a night light. Why, what were you scared of?
Isles: Chromobacterium violaceum.
Rizzoli: What's that?
Isles: It's a flesh-eating bacteria. It crawls inside your ear or your nose and it starts eating you from the inside out --
Rizzoli: Okay, okay! I got it! Thank you!
Rizzoli: You looked really at home in that world.
Isles: It's where I'm from. It's not where I chose to stay.
Rizzoli: Well, what are you doing down here slumming with us?
Isles: The same as you! I'm catching bad guys.
Rizzoli: I need the job. You don't.
Isles: Look, I want my life to have meaning and purpose, the same as you.
Rizzoli: Maybe I should be a lesbian.
Isles: Aw. Well, wishes can come true. Frost and Korsak wanted to fill out your profile. I typed.
Rizzoli: You what??!
Isles: If it wasn't for me, you'd be "butch".
Rizzoli: You put my photo and profile on a gay dating website?
Isles: It's the best shot at getting DNA and breaking this case.
Rizzoli: No, it's our best shot. You're going with me.
Isles: No.
Rizzoli: Yes, Dr. Isles! I don't have time to train a female detective how to collect and preserve DNA. You're going!
Isles: I wonder what kind of women we would like if we liked women.
Rizzoli: What?! Well, first of all, I would be the guy.
Isles: That's a cliche! Why would you be the guy?
Rizzoli: Because!
Isles: Because you're bossy?
Rizzoli: So are you!
Isles: No, I'm not!
Rizzoli: Yes, you are, you're just soft and polite when you're bossing people around.
Isles: Well, it's a good thing you're not my type.
Rizzoli: What do you mean I'm not your type?! That's so rude!

Rizzoli & Isles is based on books by Tess Gerritsen.

20 August 2010

Prize received and a Birthday Contest Promo coming up!!

The winner of the first-ever contest last July has received her Cougar Town DVD prize. I screen capped this as her acknowledgement. Congratulations again! =)

Next month, I'm turning a year older (waaah!) and as promised, I'm running another contest. I am thinking of giving away another set of TV DVD. I just know which yet...it's hard to pick a title knowing there's so many good shows out there I want for you to start watching or get really hooked.

Anyway, please stay tuned. =)

16 August 2010

I'm giving The Big C an A+

...and I'm back. Excuse the week long absence. It has been too crazy at home.

Laura Linney plays a Cancer-striken wife/Mom on The Big C
Anyway, took a break from all the craziness to check out the first episode of The Big C. This series stars Laura Linney. I've always known her to be a good actress, but watching her star in her own TV show has left me really very impressed.

Some actors stand out because they are good. Laura Linney is of a different breed, I think. She stands out because she's not only good at what she does, she makes everyone in the cast good at what they do, too.

I think that if you're an actor and you have to do a scene with her, you are so challenged to match her caliber. You know what I'm saying?

Suffice to say, The Big C has a good ensemble of cast and characters. If you happen to check this out, you will find a lot of them quite interesting, including the old woman that lives across Cathy's (Laura Linney's character) house, and Cathy's brother who is a homeless man (by choice....he chooses to live as a homeless man! How crazy huh?)

That The Big C is carried by Showtime only means this show is kind of quirky, and (to borrow Meredith Gray's line) "dark and twisty". The cable network has a roster of dark comedy series with women leading the pack ---- United States of Tara (personality disorder), Nurse Jackie (drug addiction) and Weeds (drug pusher).

The writing's quite stellar, too. I found myself smiling a few times, the way the scenes were played out. Among my favorite quotes:

CATHY: "I haven't had onion in 15 years because you say they're 'stinky poo poo'"
PAUL (her husband): "They are!…..C'mon Cathy, do you honestly tell me that I'm sleeping on my sister's couch because you want to cook with onions again?"
CATHY: "Yes, Paul. That's it. I want onions to be a major part of my life next year!"
CATHY (disciplining her son): "Listen! Someday, I am gonna be dead and as a courtesy to the world I don't wanna leave them a guy who doesn't know how to flush his own shit down the toilet.... And let me be clear!!! Your dad isn't living here because I only want to raise one kid, and I chose you. And from now on, I'm gonna raise you so hard, your head's gonna spin!"

The Big C is going to be on my list, for sure!

04 August 2010

Nothing Good on my TV Last Night :P

Rubicon returned to TV last night, or technically, started its season with its two hour premiere. Like the first time I've seen the show, I'm still left unimpressed by it. To me, it seems there's something missing. For a show that's categorically called a "conspiracy thriller", I'm still waiting for that moment, that gripping, pulsating scene that should let my heart race or leave me on the edge of my seat. I wonder when it will pick up, considering the positive press release it's been getting (how it's the most watched original series premiere...which I think the press also said of Rizzoli & Isles!?!? These press statements are sooooo cooked up! :P).

Nikki Blonsky in Huge
I followed Rubicon with the latest episode of Hung, now on it's second season. I don't know where this show is headed. I now get why some people think it should get a make-over. The other characters are all getting their own sub-stories, that there's not enough of Ray and his life as a male gigolo anymore. Sophomore slump?

I was supposed to proceed with watching Huge again, which should have about five or six episodes out by now, but I've only seen the pilot. I started my TV watching so late last night, so I had to skip this for sleep, which was too bad because this morning I read a few more positive feedbacks from it. If nothing was good on TV last night, Huge is apparently the exception.  Maybe I'd get to this later then. And did I ever mention Nikki Blonsky is so amazing here?

So, anyway...what about you? What did you watch these last few days?

01 August 2010

15 Years Ago...

Lisa Simpson got married!

The episode, Lisa's Wedding, aired on March 19, 1995, in the sixth season of The Simpsons.

The story was written by Greg Daniels, who has since become a huge name in the TV industry as he is one of the people making sure The Office (USA) stays on top of its game.

Oh my gosh, it's August!

...which means, Fall TV premieres? Nearly here. Woot!!!!!!

I'm currently trying to watch Season 3 of Chuck. *Trying* because I fell asleep halfway through whatever episode it was I had last on. My immune system is down, I guess, as I have a nasty cold and my nose has been runny since yesterday. My body is tired from doing mommy duties and dog-mommy duties. Taking care of new born pups is no joke. These cuties haven't even learned to walk yet, or climb out of their box, and I'm already beat! :P Daphne's temp is also spiking... which worries me a bit. I don't want a sick dog on my watch. :(

I didn't have much sleep last night, too, because...on the last minute, I decided to watch six episodes of Bravo's Work of Art. I started at around 10 PM, finished it at around 1:30 am. :P Fun show! (Work of Art, by the way, is a lot like Project Runway, though it features artists and their work is judged at an art gallery. The series is produced by Sarah Jessica Parker).

So, that's it for now, will try to rest because tomorrow's going to be another busy day! Leaving you with these pics... so you can go "Oooh"and "Aaaah"! =)