26 February 2014

Added: Growing Up Fisher, Mixology, About A Boy in Pilot Watch TV Season 2013

I keep this album on Facebook for short "reviews" of TV pilots (otherwise known as the very first episode of a new series). I've recently added notes on my first impressions for Growing Up Fisher, Mixology & About A Boy, three comedies that started this week.

You can check it out by clicking through the photos, or simply hit the "Like" button for the Facebook page to get the updates.

[A to Z] Cristin Milioti & Ben Feldman

Scoot over, Ted!

This pairing will be all over after four weeks when How I Met Your Mother is done. (Well, okay --- give or take a few more days, coz of course..we've got to have those extra days to grieve!)


But come next TV season, we shall be watching her with this guy:

Cristin Milioti, cast the other week as the lead in this new romantic comedy, will be co-starring with Ben Feldman in A to Z. The series is from Rashida Jones and Will McCormack.

Bonus: Read Rashida Jones' essay, "Why Is Everyone Getting Naked? Rashida Jones on the Pornification of Everything" to understand why this chick is praiseworthy!

I don't know about you, but I think they picked the right guy in Ben Feldman (Mad Men, Drop Dead Diva). I already think they look good together! This, after saying on my Facebook yesterday that Ted and Mother on HIMYM are a perfect match, ha! (It must be Milioti! She is so likeable, her charm is infectious!)

Here's a backgrounder on the upcoming series:

A To Z, from Warner Bros Television, Rashida Jones and Will McCormack’s Le Train Train and writer Ben Queen, is a whimsical romantic comedy set in the world of an online dating company that details the “A to Z’s” of a relationship — from meeting to break-up. The ensemble navigates the complicated world of modern dating and poses the question: Is there such a thing as destiny?  -  via Deadline.

Ben Feldman will play Andrew, who is described as a "smart and sarcastic guy's guy" who actually believes in romance and finding "the one" (I can already see Feldman in the role!), while Cristin Milioti's character, Zelda, is the realist in the relationship (perfect!).

They've also added British actress Leonora Crichlow, playing the role of Zelda's roommate. But I wish they had gotten Lucy Punch (Ben and Kate) instead. I think Milioti and her will hit it off better. (But what do I know, I just watch the shows?!)

Among the comedies already taking shape this pilot season, I couldn't be more excited to watch A to Z.

25 February 2014

[How I Met Your Mother] Teenage Marvin

Teenage Marvin was featured in this week's episode of How I Met Your Mother and the character is played by Spenser Ralston, who also appeared (albeit uncredited) in 90210.

Only four more weeks, and this show is finally over.

Random ---

I didn't get to do Sunday viewing yesterday. Which is actually Monday over here.

I didn't get to watch the latest from True Detective and The Walking Dead, or even Episodes...which makes me feel envious of those who've already seen it.

I shall watch all those later today.

After I catch up on sleep.

That is all.

22 February 2014

Philippines on HOUSE OF CARDS Season 2

Hey, Francis! Hey, Mr. Vice President... can you see me waving at you from the Philippine map? :D

Kevin Spacey's character on House of Cards is looking into the map of Asia.

I'm currently on the last 3 episodes of House of Cards Season 3. Initially, I said I would be pacing myself. Although I didn't binge-watch as fast as other viewers, who've actually gone through all 13 episodes in ONE day, I had not planned on having to finish this show this fast.

This series, while not exactly the best show I've seen, is very, very addicting. As it is in real life, dirty politicians make for interesting stories, no?

Are you also watching House of Cards? I think the second season is a lot better than the first, would you agree?

(Okay, let me go back to the show now. I really what to know why a lot of those who've already seen it freaked out afterwards!)

20 February 2014

Why You Should Watch TRANSPARENT

I've been meaning to talk about Transparent, but I couldn't find the right words to sing my praises for it. I'm having a case of the lazy brain (which happens often, no surprises). No…actually, I've been too caught up reading stuff about True Detective (another show I'm singing praises for!) that it's draining me out and consuming me.

So instead,  I'll just point you to some links about Transparent to convince you why you need to check this show out:

Transparent is an Amazon.com released show. There's only one episode out for now, and the public will get to vote on whether or not the site should release the rest of the episodes. But because all of the raves and praises, it's easy to tell where this is going. The next episodes should be out in a few months.

The Transparent pilot is available online.

18 February 2014

From TV to Graphic Novels: ONCE UPON A TIME & REVENGE

In 2013, ABC's Once Upon A Time got a comic book treatment, the first TV series tie-in with Marvel Comics. Once Upon a Time: Shadow of the Queen touched on the relationship between the Evil Queen and the Huntsman, and filled the gap of a particular episode in the show's first season. The book was a best-seller under the Hardcover Graphic Book category according to The New York Times, and copies are still available at Amazon.

Following this, ABC and Marvel is giving yet another TV show its comic book treatment with Revenge: The Secret Origin of Emily Thorne.

To be released in the fall, this comic book encompasses Emily Thorne's backstory, and among others,  answers how the switch with Amanda Clarke came to be. (Was it not dredged up in the series yet?)

"She is a comic-book character. She has an identity — she's a rich person who poses as a socialite during the day and at night exacts vengeance. Because she is such a complicated character and has a lot of villains in her past, graphic novels are a really natural fit." - Source

While I'm personally not into graphic novels and I have long since quit watching Revenge and Once Upon A Time, there's a growing market for TV series-comic book tie-ins. For devoted fans of the show, this should be awesome to collect.  

Will you be picking up a copy of these books? 

Images are from ComicBookResources.Com

17 February 2014

[True Detective] I learned a new word today: McConaissance

I didn't know this word "McConaissance" existed prior to watching True Detective. I wasn't keenly aware of Matthew McConaughey's reinvention or comeback as an actor.

I wasn't a fan.

While I've seen his critically-acclaimed and heavily-nominated performance in Dallas Buyer's Club, and okay…I thought he was good in it, I was not "dazzled" by it.


True Detective made me change my opinion of him. And now I understand all these praises he's getting.

This guy is so good in the series that I really worry for Bryan Cranston's chances of bagging the Best Actor trophy at the Emmy's this coming September. It would be Cranston's last chance of winning, because Breaking Bad is done, thus, never getting a nomination ever again. But here comes this guy, and the chances of him taking the award instead of Cranston? Is highly probable.

Watching him get lost in his character on True Detective is having me absolutely dazzled this time.


Have you seen True Detective? It's outstanding!

While the story isn't completely fresh, and some say it's reminding them of Hannibal,  the show makes great use of other elements, like the camera shots (the director's eye --- so powerful!) and the dialogues (the writer's brain --- so deep!).

The actors, like Matthew McConaughey, also bring so much that I really think they're playing off each other's greatness. Not one bad egg in the casting couch. Everyone has delivered so far.

Here's one of my favorite scenes, with Matthew and Woody Harrelson, from the third episode:

I'd say True Detective belongs to a class in itself because somehow, it just doesn't feel right lumping it in the same calibre as other TV greats like Breaking BadThe Sopranos, or The Wire.

It's really just different. Good-different.

But watching True Detective is also a challenge, I have to say. Sometimes, there's stuff that goes over my head because it is just so profound and my brain cells can only take so much. But I think it's partly why it's appealing to me. I enjoy reading up on an episode afterwards and process what has happened, and then be completely blown away by some of the conclusions from fans who are also loving this series.

Yep, this show is a thinking show…and boy, we don't have a lot of that these days!

If you want to catch True Detective, it's on Sundays at HBO. In the Philippines and in Asia, it airs one week after a new episode.

The series is only eight episodes short and five have already aired as of this writing. No matter how short, however, it is quality television that shouldn't be missed out on.

16 February 2014

[Orange Is The New Black] Return Date Announced + Teaser + Updates

One of my favorites from last year, Orange Is The New Black (OITNB), has been given return date. Season 2 will be released on Netflix on the 6th of June.

The wonderful thing about shows on Netflix is that seasons are released in full, meaning, you don't have to wait to watch the episodes week after week. You can already stream it as you please. Netflix, however, is only offered in selected countries (USA and Canada, I suppose?).

Before the first season of OITNB ended, it was reported that one of its stars would only return for one to four episodes in the second season. But that's all changed because Laura Prepon will be seen for most of the season, as confimed by the show's creator.

OINTB Season 2 will also put more focus on the other characters, particularly favorites like Crazy Eyes and Red.

But I wonder what will happen to Natasha Lyonne's character, Nicky, if the show gets a third season (and there's no doubt in my mind that it would!)?

See, the actress has been chosen to play the lead in an upcoming pilot-comedy from Amy Poehler for NBC. If this (Old Soul) gets a series pick-up, will she be able to work both shows given how demanding network TV is?

OINTB was Lyonne's big comeback. Once a promising actress in her younger years, she went through a troubled lifestyle, which included actual jail time, not unlike what her character goes through on OINTB. The actress makes no qualms about hiding this chapter of her life, but has since turned it around and committed to OINTB as her first real gig.

I would love to see her star in her own show, and hope that Old Soul would test well, do well, and get a pick-up. But Nicky is also a favorite (Heck, every character on this show is so well-liked!), and to have her missing from the show would surely create an impact, no?

Have you seen the first season of this show? Who's your favorite? Would you be bothered if Nicky leaves the show?

13 February 2014

[How I Met Your Dad] New Mother Accused of Selling Out

Yesterday, CBS announced that Indie film actress Greta Gerwig will headline How I Met Your Dad (HIMYD), the spin-off to How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM). The show is slated to run next season (Fall 2014), since HIMYM is bowing out this March. HIMYM co-creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas will still run the show. But they will also work with a third showrunner on board, Emily Spivey, who did Up All Night.

Greta Gerwig

plays Sally

on How I Met Your Dad

Not a lot of people are thrilled to learn Greta Gerwig is doing TV, much less a spinoff of a show that, some people note,  should have ended four seasons ago.

Via the LA Times:
The news has prompted some fans to call Gerwig, who began her career in micro-budget mumblecore movies such as "LOL" and "Hannah Takes the Stairs" and earned a Golden Globe nomination for her recent turn in Noah Baumbach's "Frances Ha," which she also co-wrote, a "sellout." While an HBO series would be one thing, so the thinking goes, this is a network sitcom derived from another show that has, according to some, already overstayed its welcome.

How I Met Your Dad will be told from the point of view of Greta Gerwig's character, Sally, who is described as "a female Peter Pan, who has never grown up and has no idea of where she's going in life." The show will open with her contemplating a breakup from her husband of one year, while a group of merry odd friends will serve as her advise and support group.

Twitterverse isn't also happy with the premise of the show, but Gerwig is on board not just as its star. She will also write and produce some of the episodes.

Admittedly, I don't recall ever seeing Greta Gerwig's movies, despite having a familiar face. (I checked her IMDB, I still don't know where I've seen her!) But to have someone of this pedigree doing TV has made me look forward to HIMYD.

I was quite lukewarm about this spinoff because, like everyone else, I agree that its parent show has gotten pointless at some point. (I've been watching the final episodes for the sake of getting closure from this series. Thankfully, the last few ones have been to my satisfaction!)

Enter Greta Gerwig… and my interest for HIMYD has taken a turn. I do want to see this series getting a pick-up now, and largely because I have to see what she can do with it. For all the hesitation people are having about this spinoff, maybe it will be a better show than HIMYM. Maybe they did something right by getting her, and maybe this is also a good career move for her.

For now, I'm gonna have to find that Frances Ha movie and get acquainted with a possible future obsession.

So, what about you? How interested are you about How I Met Your Dad?

11 February 2014

[The Walking Dead] High Ratings and Vulnerability

Last night's return of The Walking Dead (Season 4 Episode 9) had 15.8 million viewers and 10.4 million in its demographics, beating the ratings for the Olympics.

AMC's President Charlie Collier said in the press release:
"With a number of high-profile choices on television last night, for The Walking Dead to deliver record ratings is remarkable. Thanks to the fans, who have been so supportive of this show in so many ways. We share your passion for this world."

"Thanks also to the terrific team of writers, starting with Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman, who with our outstanding executive producers, cast and crew pour their hearts into this series, always with the fans in mind. I speak for everyone at AMC in expressing my sincere appreciation and our shared excitement for the journey ahead. Chocolate pudding for all!"
The episode hurt a great deal. Have you seen it? As much as I think Carl is insufferable, I genuinely feel sorry for him now.

The kid actor playing Carl, Chandler Riggs, is doing a fine job. He has perfectly showed emotions of a child forced to become an adult.  Equally painful to watch is Michonne's journey. The backstory is short, but it's enough to get a peek into the character.

Both showed vulnerability that made me understand them better, I was bawling after the episode ended.

It was one of its best.

10 February 2014

The Unaired Pilot Episode of a Live-Action ARCHIE. (Yes, from the comics!)

Was there an Archie movie some years back featuring actual people? I seem to recall watching one on Betamax, but I'm not quite sure. But I do remember watching the animation as a kid. That cartoons wasn't as great as reading the stories from the comics, and it was so weird hearing their voices because it wasn't what I had imagined in my head. I liked it when they animated Sabrina The Teenage Witch better.

Anyway, I found this while browsing earlier…

In 1964, Archie was apparently pitched as a TV series and a pilot had been shot for it. Only, it never made it to television. It did appear on Youtube a few years back. (Yay, technology!)

Here it is…

So, what do you think?  If they did an Archie TV series this time around, do you think the show would take off?

You can watch the rest of this episode (parts 2 & 3) and read details about the pilot on Undercover Archie.

[Big Bang Theory] This Interview Deserves a BAZINGA!

How many of you know that Mayim Bialik is actually a neuroscientist, just like her character on The Big Bang Theory? The actress earned her Ph.D at UCLA before returning to work on television.

The actress said that she chose to do TV work, her sitcom in particular, because it would allow her more time with her kids as the schedule is more flexible.

"For me, a Research Professorship would have taken me from my kids more than I wanted to and I don't think that would've been pleasurable."

Interestingly enough, she doesn't let her kids watch television and provides a valid reason why. She wrote an interesting take about it:
As for “my show,” my kids have no context for the notion of actors since they don’t watch TV. As it stands now, Mama’s “work” is me straightening my hair (my 5 year old calls it my “wig”), putting on make-up and high heels, going out, coming back a few hours later, and getting back into PJs as my hair recurls throughout the day. Will they someday see me on TV? Yes. Do other children we know in our community see me on TV? Yes. Does my older son think all Mamas have a Barbie doll made in their likeness? Yes. Am I lying to them? No. I am simply giving them information about my life that is developmentally appropriate. I am keeping aspects of my work private until they can understand it better in its proper context. (snipped) Do I think I am better than you for not letting my kids watch TV? Not at all. Do I think that no children should watch TV? Maybe, but that’s really up to each individual family to decide.

09 February 2014

[The After] Something Old, Nothing New, Something Strange

Chris Carter enjoyed cult success in the 90's when he created The X-Files. The show ran for 9 seasons, with two movie follow-ups. This was the only TV success he achieved. His other show, Millennium, only lasted two seasons. It also aired sometime in the 90's.

After more than a decade of semi-retirement, Chris Carter returns with The After, an Amazon-original series, which you can watch here if you live in the US. (Otherwise, non-US residents can look for it around the internet.)

The premise to The After is not unique. In fact, it's a rework of so many post-apocalyptic TV shows, movies and video games we've considered as entertainment for the past decade.

Here's what it says in the press release:
Written and directed by Emmy-nominee Chris Carter executive produced by Marc Rosen of Georgeville Television and produced by Gabe Rotter, The After follows eight strangers who are thrown together by mysterious forces and must help each other survive in a violent world that defies explanation. Aldis Hodge, Andrew Howard, Arielle Kebbel, Jamie Kennedy, Sharon Lawrence, Jaina Lee Ortiz, Adrian Pasdar, and Louise Monot star in the pilot.

I'm conflicted about this series.

On one hand, I am a little disappointed with the pilot. I wanted more from this because it's Chris Carter! Was his creative flow stuck in the 90's? The After didn't show anything different from something I've already seen from him, or the genre in general.

In a nutshell, the show
a) is another sci-fi among a hundred other sci-fi series
b) brings together characters with different stories, but with one thing in common. In The After, it's their birthdays that characters have in common.
c) tells their stories with conventional and rehashed ideas, mixed with cliches and tropes.

On the other hand, this is just the pilot episode, after all. Loopholes and contrived plot development aside, it should be given time to make sense. However --- and this is where I'm conflicted ---I did like some of its hokiness and familiarity because it made it easier to relate to the characters and to what's going on. In some scenes, I already got the feeling when the characters are gonna get screwed, because I've seen it all before. In this instance, I liked that I was aware of what's about to get down.

So, was the show bad because it's nothing different? Or was it good because it's predictability falls under a template we've been so used to, it would be impossible not to enjoy it?

Besides, when you see something like this?

It's hard not to be intrigued. Coz, you just have to know --- "What the heck is going on here?" --- and keep watching. On top of that, something really strange also appears in the final scene of the pilot that warrants more episodes for the answers. Amazon members, by the way, will have to vote on whether or not the show continues to a full season.

And then there's this guy...

Jamie Kennedy 10 years ago

Jamie Kennedy today
While I'm on the subject of asking, "What's happening here???"… I just have to ask: WHAT HAPPENED HERE? I don't remember the last time I've watched Jamie Kennedy on TV, but I didn't recognize him until I read the credits at the end of The After. He looks strangely different!

Have you seen the pilot of The After
Will you be looking out for the second and succeeding episodes?

[Downton Abbey] How the Show is Helping the Philippines

I have a million more reasons to love Downton Abbey because of what they're doing for my country.

This video of "10 reasons to meet the cast of Downton Abbey on set in London" features the cast promoting a contest that will have one lucky winner + friend spend a whole day on the set of the show. Interested parties can buy as many entries as they want and the number of entries will correspond to special merchandise or treats.

So say, if you buy 5000 entries, this is what you'll get, along with the chance of winning the top prize:


Details of the contest are found here.

I love that on the site it says:
"Every entry empowers our friends in the Philippines to rebuild."

To this, we say:

08 February 2014

[24] On a Scale of 1 to 24, How Excited Are You for 24: Live Another Day?

There's a reason why 24 ended four years ago. The show outlived its freshness and as much as I've loved Jack Bauer, I thought it was wise to let him stop saving the world for once. But heroes, I guess, don't fade away so easily. Years after 24 ended,  there were talks of movies and reunions...and finally, this limited series --- 24: Live Another Day.

I've been trying to contain my excitement for this 24 reboot because excitement = expectations,  and expectations lead to disappointment. I've been downplaying to temper my eagerness. But seeing the teaser gave me that familiar rush each time I'm about to watch the show's new season.

Damn, it!

Jack Bauer is really back!

Hell, yeah!

Airing on May 5th with a 2-hour premiere, this reboot is set four years after the last final hours.

24 was such a lauded, unconventional  and groundbreaking series because it played out following a real-time format, with only the commercials filling the gaps. However, Live Another Day will be cut down to 12 hours only, with the most important hours being highlighted in the story. According to Fox, the reboot will feature time jumps to stay true to the show's integrity.

The reboot is going to move away from California, where the CTU Headquarters is found. This time, Jack Bauer will apparently be saving the world in London, James Bond's turf, to keep things fresh.

Aside from Jack, Chloe (played Mary Lynn Rajskub) and Audrey (played Kim Raver) will also be back, while actress Yvonne Strahovski, who starred in Chuck and Dexter, will join them as the CIA Operative in London.

Yvonne Strahovski is Kate Morgan in 24: Live Another Day
Kate Morgan in action in London.

Audrey's father, James Heller (played by Wiliam Devane), the former Defense Secretary, is now the President of USA, while actors Benjamin Bratt, Tate Donovan and Stephen Fry are also in the cast.

24: Live Another Day will open with Jack and Chloe working against each other, says the show's Executive Producer.

"The response to 24 is unlike anything I have ever experienced as an actor before. To have the chance to reunite with the character, Jack Bauer, is like finding a lost friend. The story ideas from Howard Gordon are exciting and fresh, and will not disappoint. Great thanks to 20th Century Fox Television, Imagine Television and the FOX network for this opportunity. Make no mistake, my goal is to knock your socks off. See you soon."

There will be new villains and new other characters, as it is every season. But the original people behind the show are all back for this reboot.  It is their hope to bring the feel of 24's beginnings, back when everyone thought it was the best thing that happened to television.

The short teaser that had me excited on many levels! ---

Seriously now, I can't wait!

Who's with me?

[Game of Thrones] Gummy!

"That was one of those amazing scenes that you get as an actor that there’s just no acting required — at all. It was disgusting! They promised me that it would taste similar to a gummy bear and it definitely didn’t. It was kind of like … the best way to describe it is sort of a congealed jam kind of thing. On the outtakes, there will be me heaving into a bucket. It’s such a reflex, when you taste something that’s just so revolting, you kind of instantly just want to get rid of it. It’s safe to say that I didn’t eat lunch that day."

- Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen on Game Of Thrones, in an interview with Vulture.

Here, watch that scene from the show's first season where she ate her gummy horse heart. On the 0:14 mark, it did look like she was about to gag and was feeling all kinds of nasty.

07 February 2014

[Big Bang Theory] This Kiss! This Kiss!

♫ It's the way you love me
It's a feeling like this
It's centrifugal motion
It's perpetual bliss
It's that pivotal moment
It's, ah, impossible
This kiss, this kiss
This kiss, this kiss ♬

This 25-second kiss happened in this week's episode. It was not as exciting as when Ross and Rachel first kissed on Friends. But it showed a new side to Sheldon when everybody knows how insensitive he is.

So, what next? Judging by what happened after this scene, I don't think the kiss will lead to anywhere yet. Check back in Season 13.

UPDATE: Read Mayim Bialik's behind-the-scenes account of *The Kiss* on her website. She sums it up in 5 bits. Here's part of it:
I caught a glance of the kissing scene after it was done when it was showed to our studio audience a few weeks ago. As with the tiara moment, I was startled that my internal acting process (for lack of a better word) has a physical representation that is so striking. Consciously, I have little notion of how I will physically represent things as an actor. When there is no physical action scripted or indicated, I simply act emotions and those emotions sometimes have a physical representation and just are. I don’t know if that makes sense, but Actor Mayim representing Fictional Character Amy in such a physical way with this kiss is as touching to me as it is to you.

[The Michael J. Fox Show] Door Closes, Window Opens

The cancellation of The Michael J. Fox show wasn't unexpected. Its numbers were failing every week and unfortunately, no matter the potential of a series, it's the ratings that matter most.

I would've kept watching this. The show grew on me and I though that there were plenty of funny bits.  On hindsight and looking at the core of the show, I realize that some of its storylines were actually unforgettable. Plus, there were characters on this show that weren't easy to like.

But…as one opportunity closes, another opens.

Right after cancellation announcements, this news came out on TV Line:
Michael J. Fox won’t have time to stew over the cancellation of The Michael J. Fox Show — he’s needed back at The Good Wife, and not just for a one-off guest stint.  TVLine has learned that Fox has closed a deal with the CBS drama to reprise his role as Alicia’s legal nemesis Louis Canning for multiple, season-ending episodes.
As a comedian, Michael J. Fox can pretty much delivers. His timing is still there. It's just that there are times when it's hard to watch him doing comedy. And I might regret putting this out there, but…I couldn't get past his condition. Someone with Parkinson's making me laugh? It wasn't working for me because I end up just feeling sorry for him. I find that I like The Michael J. Fox Show better when I see less of Michael J. Fox.

On the other hand, I find Michael J. Fox quite the effective antagonist on The Good Wife. I really like how his character stirs things up over there and having him will make the show even more interesting. The Good Wife seems to keep raising the bar and I can't wait to see what happens next with him back!

As for the rest of the cast, Betsy Brandt, who played the wife, was a revelation to me because she played an annoying character on Breaking Bad. On The Michael J. Fox Show, I discovered she's a natural at being funny, so I hope she will be able to find another comedy to star in. Ditto Conor Romero, who played the eldest son, whose schtick somehow reminds me of Dan Byrd (Cougar Town).

The Michael J. Fox Show will be replaced by Hollywood Game Night effective immediately. Its remaining 7 episodes, however, will be aired sometime beginning April.

Have you seen an episode of The Michael J. Fox Show? What did you think of it?

[The Tomorrow People] There's Something About Marla

Sarah Clarke as Marla in The Tomorrow People
Last week on The Tomorrow People...there was this fleeting shot of Sarah Clarke's character, Marla, that shook me up. She had this look. Her eyes triggered feelings of emotional damage in me I thought I've already gotten over.

Why? Let me briefly walk you through it...

Back in 2001, Sarah Clarke assumed the role of TV's biggest liar and deceiver by way of 24. As viewers began to fall in love with this show, they also started to fall in love with her character, Nina Myers, because she was easily someone they wanted to root for. Turned out, she played everyone. Me included.

In those final moments on the first season of 24, the revelation hit like a lightning bolt: Nina was the secret agent/traitor who also killed Jack Bauer's wife. It left me scarred. The betrayal was hard to process because it came at the end of the show, when I was expecting a happy ending.

This character's deception had a lasting impression on me that I couldn't really appreciate the actress in other roles after her time on 24 wrapped up. She was only Nina and I couldn't trust her. Years later, I briefly saw her on Covert Affairs playing yet another secret agent role. And guess what? She double-crossed someone again!

Forward to 12 years and Sarah Clarke is on a show I'm regularly following.

In The Tomorrow People, her part as Marla, the working solo-parent to two teenage boys, was pretty nondescript. She wasn't even in the other episodes. And up until last week, I was under the impression that Marla was just going to be a semi-regular who appeared, at best, with 7-10 minutes screen time.

But…these writers. They mess with viewers, don't they?

Marla's storyline progressed from being just a mother who occasionally talks to her kids, to someone who may be an important figure in the story. I should've known! The actress wasn't just going to play secondary roles like that.

So the other week, when I saw that look in her eyes in one momentary scene, it told me that Marla, like Nina, was hiding something.  The show lost no time in confirming my previous suspicions because in last night's episode, Marla did this:


Marla can stop time.

She is a Tomorrow Person! Everyone in their family is part of the Tomorrow People!!!


I knew she was hiding something!

Now the next question is --- is Marla with the good guys, or is she part of some other faction that's going to shake things up? How strong are her powers? How sharp are her killer instincts? Is she going to double-cross someone again?

Unfortunately, I won't know the answers until after the two weeks because TV season is going to be interrupted by the Winter Olympics. But I'll use this break to process what has happened and prepare myself for the possibility that Marla (who is Nina, who is Sarah) may be up to deceive someone again.

Do you watch The Tomorrow People? Did this revelation about Marla's powers shock you or were you expecting it?

06 February 2014

Hello TV fans. It's been awhile...

This is the part where I'm supposed to write something clever about why this blog has been quiet for three months.


I got nothing.

I have no excuse.

I wish my absence had something with going to a fan convention or TV set tour somewhere. But things around here are pretty banal and routine. Which is just how I really want it, don't get me wrong. But it makes it so easy to slack a bit.

Anyway…let me dip my feet back to this blogging stuff again. Like I did so a dozen times. Hopefully, this time, I'll really stick to my resolve of updating this site regularly. (Pressure!!!)

I'll do away with the small talk or chit-chat, and go ahead with talking about TV, okay? 


I read this TV news this morning that literally brought me to tears: John Cusack, the actor I carry a torch for --- no disrespect to my significant other --- is finally going to do television!

You have no idea how much I wanted this to happen! Years ago, there were rumors about him guest starring on Scrubs, because he's good friends with one of the stars. But nothing came out of that and I've always wondered if he would ever consider being part of television, just like his sisters Joan and Anne.

See, over there in Hollywood, movie stars and TV stars have their separate worlds. But because TV is doing better than movies lately, a lot of these big actors, who sought to do movies exclusively like John Cusack does, are now crossing over to the small screen.

Anyway, this was the news I read:

From Deadline.com

I should be bummed that while John Cusack is going to do TV, he's not gonna be on camera, but working behind the scenes as Executive Producer and co-Writer.

I should be saying, "Boooooo!" But I'm fine with this.  I've been wanting to see his name attached to a TV series badly, I'm gonna take this. And then hope that he will enjoy his first TV experience enough to consider finally saying yes to a production he could star in. (John, Matthew McConaughey's already doing it!)

In 1999, John Cusack did a TV-movie for HBO, the Western family drama The Jack Bull. He also was guest-caller on an episode on Frasier. That's the extent of his work on TV has been so far.

This current TV pilot will still undergo testing and changes. I really hope it pushes forward. CBS already disappointed me last season when they gave up on Super Clyde with Rupert Grint. Don't do this to me this time, CBS!