31 January 2006

And your treatment plan is based on...cuteness?

In last night's episode...

The nurses at Seattle Grace Hospital go on strike, leaving the doctors to fend for themselves; an elderly patient's friends (June Lockhart, Betty Garrett and Rae Allen) bring Meredith's mistake to light.

Also, Izzie outs her secret. Didn't see that one coming. She gave up a baby for adoption?? Whoa.

The baby is now 11 and is living in California. She gave her up because she was very young when she had her. Dreams crushed, whole life ahead of her. That sort of thing. This was unexpected, it gave Izzie character depth. Makes me wonder why this show is called Grey's Anatomy, because the character of Grey has now been reduced to mere supporting cast, all the other characters have become much more interesting.

Speaking of Grey...

Her breakdown scene was heartbreaking. I can't .. I don't .. I can't .. I don't ... I can't ... can't....I...*sob* don't want *sob* my mother to die *sob* alone...

And if it weren't for that, her storyline last night would've been something like a footnote. But hey, the DNR-lady's send off was touching. It's calming to see people die that way. *weirdness alert*

And finally, best lines on the night were from Screen Actors' Guild BEST ACTRESS AWARDEE herself: Sandra Oh's character, Cristina.

"Can you unmount?" - addressing a patient who was all over her husband on the hospital bed.

And my favorite: "And your treatment plan is based on...cuteness?" on this video below.

This is a scene where arrogant-and-I'm-always-right Cristina questions the methods of her new boss Olivia, who is the complete opposite of her other boss, Bailey the Nazi (who is out on maternity leave, for real).

Olivia is the type of doctor who offers gold stars if you do a good doctor thing. She handles doctor stuff like its pre-school... and to a competitive and feeling hot-shot Cristina, this ain't good.

I wonder how Bailey will react if she meets that perky, "Can we hug it out?", replacement. Hehehe!

Next week is the much hyped code black episode...Ooooh. Me likey.

Great one, this show!

Grey's Anatomy
Season 2 Episode 15 - Break on Through
Original Air Date: Jan. 29, 2006
Network: ABC

SAG Winners

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries: Paul Newman / Empire Falls

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries: S. Epatha Merkerson / Lackawanna Blues

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series: Kiefer Sutherland / 24

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series: Sandra Oh / Grey's Anatomy

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series: Sean Hayes / Will & Grace

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series: Felicity Huffman / Desperate Housewives

Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series: Lost

Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series: Desperate Housewives

Broadcasted Live on ETC-Skycable, yesterday morning.

29 January 2006

All The Way

I thought he'd be gone on TV by now, but apparently he survived...and for more than a year now!

*giggles* Alright, this show is my guilty pleasure. I don't get to watch it as often as I do Conan, Leno and lately, Letterman. But when I do catch it on TV, my brain tells me to switch the channel but the fingers wrapped around my remote won't budge.

The article says: "so-square-he’s-cool" and that's exactly what it is.

The other week I caught the last part of this show and some band was singing, (actually, straining!) to some song I cannot recognize because they've murdered it. Then cut to Jojo A and his sidekick (yes, he's got a sidekick now, ala Andy of Conan before) exchanging corny jokes and text greetings....And you know what I felt? ---> A mixture of: "Who allowed this show on TV?" and "Sayang I missed the whole show!"

It is that bad, that I wanted to tune to it now...and every night if possible. Only his schedule (9-10PM on RJTV, cable) goes head to head with Letterman and Jon Stewart on Jack TV. Pero pag pangit ang guests nila.....

All The Way na ako!

Jojo A. All The Way
Cable - Channel 53 (Sun-Sky)
Network: RJTV

28 January 2006

Nope, have not signed off yet

I have not blogged for almost a week, but nope I'm not signing off yet. I have been watching quite a lot of TV (crap galore and then some) but haven't gotten around to writing about it. But here I am now, so...

  • Was able to peak at Emily Reasons Why Not ....something like that, long title, too tired to google it...I'm probably right...or wrong... Anyway, moving along...It is cutesy show and the characters so superficial, the network carrying it has decided to cancel Emily after one (or two?) episodes. **/*****

    Episode synopsis from TV.Com:

    Emily begins dating Stan, her very attractive co-worker, but then questions the relationship when Stan's level of passion doesn't seem to match her own

  • Was able to also take a peak at The Book of Daniel. I can't quite grasp the concept. And Jesus is in the cast. It is kinda offbeat, too offbeat in fact, it turned me off. That too, is on the verge of cancellation. */*****

    Episode synopsis from TV.Com:

    Reverend Daniel Webster's problems begin when his daughter is arrested for possession of drugs and his brother-in-law goes missing, along with a substantial amount of the church funds. In the second hour of this two hour premiere, Judith decides to confront Daniel about the fact that their sex life was discussed during one of Rev. Daniel's counseling sessions. Also, Peter endures an uncomfortable exchange during Sunday dinner when his grandfather Bishop Bertrum Webster grills him about his sexual preferences. Meanwhile, Adam's romance is in jeopardy when he falls out of his girlfriend Caroline's window and is quickly discovered on the hood of her father Roger's car.

  • Was able to check Crumbs. Didn't have any idea who starred in it at first, but was surprised to see Fred Savage (Kevin, The Wonder Years)on the cast. And in this sitcom, he plays a gay film writer. It needs a couple of room for improvement, especially since the comedy isn't as funny. But so far, I'd say okay. ***/*****

    Episode synopsis from TV.Com:

    Mitch Crumb comes home to his hometown to deal with his mother (Suzanne Crumb), who has just been released from a psychiatric facility (Cedar Hill). She has not yet learned that her ex-husband (Billy Crumb) is about to have a baby with another woman. Mitch's brother (Jody Crumb), who's stayed there to carry on the family business, feels Mitch is only there to write about their family to make money.

  • Tuned to American Idol 5. People who've been following the show for five seasons now know what this is all about. So let me just say: this year's batch seem like a talented bunch. Looking forward to the Final rounds. I see some really amazing talents, especially from the girls. ****/*****

  • Followed...
    *Commander in Chief --- Episode: Wind Beneath My Wings - was crappy, what the hell was that about? No wonder ratings is falling. Write smart, people. Although, have to say: everytime I watch this show, my eyes well up. I don't know why. I'm feeling patriotic and I'm not even an American, nor desire to be one. ***/*****

    Episode synopsis from TV.Com:

    President Mackenzie Allen and Speaker of the House Templeton head out west to pay tribute to the dedication of former President Bridges' Presidential Library. While there Air Force One is held hostage by a guy who wants to speak with Pres. Mac. Meanwhile Horace and Rebecca have some friends for a party.

    *Lost --- Episode: Fire + Water - meh....meh...meh. Don't get me wrong, I still love Lost. I just wanna see Jack's Army in action already. Lakas mambitin ng show na ito. ***/*****

    Episode synopsis from TV.Com:

    When Charlie's vividly surreal dreams lead him to believe Claire's baby, Aaron, is in danger, Locke suspects Charlie may be using again. Meanwhile, Sawyer encourages Hurley to act on his attraction to Libby.

    *Scrubs --- in yet another back-to-back episode - show is losing its luster. Maybe because I keep thinking of how Grey's Anatomy is soo much better than this, while I'm watching Scrubs. Yet, for the love of Zach Braff, I still watch this show even if at times I think my 8-year old boy has a lot more maturity than all the cast combined. **.5/*****

    Episode synopsis from TV.Com:

    100th Episode: In a "Wizard of Oz" homage, J.D. is trying to go home, Turk searches for a heart donor and Carla worries that she doesn't have the courage to become a parent. Meanwhile, Eliot doesn't believe she has the brains to lead a question and answer session. The Janitor is is painting color-coded lines throughout the hospital for easier navigation. J.D., Turk, Elliot and Carla are interrogated about the mysterious death of a patient. Dr. Kelso learns that J.D. and Turk were away tracking down a patient, Elliot was traumatized over finding out that her make-out buddy was married and Carla was busy recruiting hospital personnel for a group lottery purchase

    *The Shield --- Episode: Enemy of God - whoa! Best. Show. Ever. *****/*****

    Episode synopsis from TV.Com:

    During an interrogation, Kavanaugh reviews the Strike Team’s corrupt past and attempts to weaken Lem’s loyalty to Vic by bringing up the connection to Terry’s murder. Meanwhile, the Strike Team investigates a multiple homicide. Dutch and Claudette suspect that a minister might have been involved in an attempted murder. Tina gets in over her head while on duty with Julien.

    *24 --- Episode: 11AM to 12PM - whoa! Best. Unbelievably-incredibly-unrealistic-yet-I-can't-help-but-buy-the-story. Show. Ever. *****/*****

    Episode synopsis from TV.Com:

    Jack returns to CTU and has an emotional reunion with Audrey, while Curtis tracks the Russians and the stolen nerve gas.

    Walt sends in a hit man to silence Jack. Chloe discovers that Spencer has his own agenda at CTU.

    Walt convinces Logan to have Martha institutionalized when she tells them of the attack on her.

  • And finally, yesterday, I started watching Ricky Gervais', Extras. He is the guy behind a great comedy called The Office. I'm still on 2 episodes (there's a total of six for one season) and so far I'm liking it. Can't quite understand what they are all saying because of their thick accents (mwehehehe), but am not complaining. I think this one is really a must-watch! ****/*****

    Something about Extras from their official site:

    Once in a great while, a man really has a chance to shine. Andy Millman is not that man.

    Ricky Gervais stars as Andy Millman, a frustrated Englishman in his 40s who gives up his day job to pursue acting, only to find that because of his age, blend-in appearance and complete lack of experience, he just can't land any juicy parts.

    Undaunted by failure and convinced of his "star" potential, Andy spends most of his days changing from costume to costume and hustling from set to set, stalking anyone who might somehow help him land a speaking role or, at least, a larger extra part in a scene. In an effort to make a rare on-camera impression, Andy often milks the scenes that he's in to get more screen time, but that strategy has a tendency to backfire.

    Andy must also contend with his inept and contemptuous agent (Stephen Merchant), who not only fails to get his client a speaking gig, but actually encourages him to quit acting and find another form of employment. It's clear that Andy would fire his agent (we never learn his name) in a heartbeat - if another agent would agree to take him in.

    Even when he's not working, Andy continues his quest, stooping to extremes to seek out invitations to "in" spots and celebrity parties that might expose him to directors, writers and bigger actors. But more often than not, he and his fellow extra, Maggie Jacobs (Ashley Jensen), spend their days ensconced in a green room with other extras, filling the time with gritty stories of their personal lives, all the while envying their A-list counterpoints. Occasionally they finagle a conversation with one of the stars, but these brief encounters have a way of coming back to haunt them. As for Maggie, her acting ambitions are tempered by a far more pressing need: to find a man (not Andy) who might make a suitable husband.

    As Andy and Maggie move from gig to gig, each episode features a different film set, as well as guest appearances by well-known actors playing themselves, including Kate Winslet, Ross Kemp, Les Dennis and Patrick Stewart.
  • 21 January 2006

    Tv Gal's Best of TV 2005

    I missed putting this up on the blog so, 21 days after 2006, here's another best of 2005. Better late than never!

    (Idiotic side comments mine. )

    Best Bad Boy: Sawyer on "Lost"
    Best Bad Boss: Michael on "The Office"
    Best People to Solve a Crime: Cast of "Without a Trace"
    Best Good Detective: Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson on "The Closer"
    Best Bad Cop: Vic Mackey on "The Shield"
    Best Friends: Vince and the gang on "Entourage"
    Best Friend: Sookie on "Gilmore Girls"
    Best Reason to Still be Upset About a Show Cancellation: "Joan of Arcadia" ---> I'd have to say Arrested Development fits this category too
    Best Proof that You Don't Need to be Able to Act to be on TV: Robin Tunney on "Prison Break"
    Best Creepy Character: Sheriff Tom Underlay on "Invasion"
    Best Villain to Root for: Dina Araz on "24"
    Best Villain to Root Against: Antwon Mitchell on "The Shield"
    Best Surprise: The Vice President is Patricia Wettig on "Prison Break"; Walt's kidnapping on "Lost"
    Best Husband: Joe on "Medium"
    Best Sexual Tension: Meredith and McDreamy on "Grey's Anatomy" ---> Hihihi...
    Best Unrequited Love: Pam and Jim on "The Office"
    Best Cast Addition to a New Show: Mark-Paul Gosselaar to "Commander In Chief"
    Best Cast Addition to an Existing Show, Female: Kate Walsh to "Grey's Anatomy"
    Best Cast Addition to an Existing Show, Male: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje to "Lost"
    Best Planning for New Fall Season: Rockmund Dunbar who seamlessly bounced from a series regular on the quickly cancelled "Head Cases" to increasing his role on "Prison Break"
    Best Proof that There's Life After a Reality Series: Steven W. Bailey on "Grey's Anatomy." ----> Yeah, Joe!!
    Best New Catch Phrase: "Have you met Ted?" from "How I Met Your Mother"
    Best New Word: "Snarkastic" on Gilmore Girls.
    Best Cameo: Joss Whedon on "Veronica Mars"
    Best Proof that Recasting Can't Help a Bad Series: Replacing Marguerite Moreau with Kristin Lehman as the female lead on "Killer Instinct"
    Best Comic Relief: Dude, it's so Hurley on "Lost"
    Best Hurley in Training: Dave on "Invasion"
    Best Guest Star: Amy Acker as the villainous Kelly Peyton on "Alias"
    Best Example of a Sophomore Slump: "Desperate Housewives" ----> Ha!Ha!Ha!!!
    Best Example that a Sophomore Slump Doesn't Have to Happen: "Lost" ----> Almost came close though...
    Best Proof that There's Life After a Jerry Springer Movie: Jamie Pressly on "My Name is Earl"
    Best Boyfriend Under 25: Bright on "Everwood"
    Best Boyfriend Over 25: Luke on "Gilmore Girls"
    Best Crazy Girlfriend: Callie Thorne on both "Rescue Me" and "ER"
    Best Burying of Past Role: Brittany Snow so earnest on "American Dreams" and so down right disturbing on "Nip/Tuck"
    Best Great Work Amid a Ridiculous Season: John Hensley on "Nip/Tuck"
    Best New TV Star: Wentworth Miller on "Prison Break" ----> Yum!
    Best New to TV Star: Jason Lee on "My Name is Earl"
    Best Place for a Buffy Alum: "Veronica Mars"
    Best Reason to Break into Prison: Michael on "Prison Break"
    Best Reason to Break Out of Prison: GOB will help you escape on "Arrested Development"
    Best Proof that all TV Shows Can Make a Comeback: This season of "The West Wing"
    Best Proof that all Good Things Must Come to an End: This season of "Alias"
    Best Shout Out to Another Show: Summer donning a "Donna Martin Graduates" t-shirt on "The O.C."
    Best Use of Inside Jokes: "Boston Legal"
    Best Second Chance at Romance: Luka and Abby on "ER"
    Best Brothers: A tie between Sam and Dean on "Supernatural" and Charlie and Don on "Numb3rs"
    Best Reason to Get Basic Cable: "Rescue Me"
    Best Reason to Get HBO: "Entourage"
    Best Reason to Get Showtime: "Weeds"
    Best Versatile Actor: Currie Graham who in 2005 played Lt. Thomas Bale on "NYPD Blue," Stacy's husband on "House," Lynette's boss on "Desperate Housewives" and an assistant district attorney on "Boston Legal."
    Best Good Cry: The reunion of Sun and Jin and Rose and Bernard on "Lost"
    Best Proof that There's Life After a Seminal 90's TV Series: The notorious Brian Austin Green on "Freddie" and Jason Priestley on the upcoming "Love Monkey." Heck even the doorMatt (Daniel Cosgrove) has work on "In Justice."
    Best Sound of a Phone Ringing: Once and forever, "24" ---> Yeh!
    Best Proof that You Shouldn't Mess with a Good Thing: The booooring family edition of "Amazing Race" ---> Yeh!
    Best Proof Sometimes Things are What They Seem: Quentin is the Carver on "Nip/Tuck"
    Best Kid: Chris on "Everybody Hates Chris" ---> Really? Don't like that kid!
    Best Annoying Co-Worker: Dwight on "The Office" ---> Hahahah!
    Best Character Return: Tony on "24" ---> Hell, yeah! I cheered for this scene!
    Best Older Brother: Ephram on "Everwood"
    Best Younger Sister: Rose on "Invasion"
    Best Son: George Michael on "Arrested Development" ---> Awwww...
    Best Sidekick: Randy on "My Name is Earl"
    Best Reason to Moonlight: The fabulous and underused Marin Hinkle on "Two and a Half Men" popped up on "House," "Law & Order: SVU" and "In Justice."
    Best Proof that You Can't Force a Comeback: Martha Stewart
    Best Daughter: Julie on "Desperate Housewives."
    Best Place to Work: Seattle's Grace Hospital on "Grey's Anatomy" -- you'd always have someone to date.

    From this site.

    20 January 2006

    Pilot News

    ABC has given the green light to a trio of dramas and one comedy:

    - Sixty-Minute Man, about a suburban dad who comes to believe he figures into a massive conspiracy
    - Day Break, an action-thriller concerning a framed cop on the run
    - the sudser Brothers & Sisters
    - and Our Thirties, a laffer about friends of a certain age living in San Fran.


    60Minute Man ---- is this a 24 copycat?
    Our Thirties --- looks like an SATC type, for the 30 bunch.

    17 January 2006

    It's the Hobbit, the Agent and the Terrorists

    There's a hobbit in CTU, and his name ain't Sam (Frodo: Oh, Sam...my Sam...) and he ain't nice. In fact he's an ass.


    Anyway, JACK BAUER KILL COUNT after four episodes:

    1 Knife
    4 Gun
    1 Bomb
    6 Total

    See Jack run.
    See Jack kill.
    See Jack save the day.
    (Oh, no...not yet. It's just been four hours)....
    But first see Jack get caught.
    Or see Jack screw up.
    But see Jack make up for it.
    Then see Jack save the day.

    Season 5 Episode 4 Day 5: 10:00 A.M.-11:00 A.M
    Original Airing: Jan 16, 2006
    Network: Fox

    Golden Globe 2006 Winners


    Series, Drama: "Lost," ABC
    Actress, Drama: Geena Davis, "Commander in Chief," ABC
    Actor, Drama: Hugh Laurie, "House," Fox
    Series, Musical or Comedy: "Desperate Housewives," ABC
    Actress, Musical or Comedy: Mary-Louise Parker, "Weeds," Showtime
    Actor, Musical or Comedy: Steve Carell, "The Office," NBC
    Miniseries or movie: "Empire Falls," HBO
    Actress, Miniseries or Movie: S. Epatha Merkerson, "Lackawanna Blues," HBO
    Actor, Miniseries or Movie: Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, "Elvis," CBS
    Supporting Actress, Series, Miniseries or Movie: Sandra Oh, "Grey's Anatomy," ABC
    Supporting Actor, Series, Miniseries or Movie: Paul Newman, "Empire Falls," HBO

    My choice for best speech: Steve Carell, The Office. Whatta funny, funny man!

    16 January 2006

    It was an honor, Mr...

    24 Season 5 opened the other night with an explosive episode. In just under 5 minutes I was left looking like this:

    I can't say much, I don't wanna ruin the suspense for those who will follow it in a couple of weeks or months on cable. But let me just say that it involved this guy:

    And if you know your guns, you could tell he's a sniper. And him being there had something to do with something that starts with an A and ends with an N.

    D'you guess it? Yeah... I know ..it's:

    The two hour premier last night will be followed by another two hour second premier (what do you call a second premier?) tonight. I'm on the edge of my seat. My final words for the first 2 hours.... and mind you, this is the first time I'm gonna say or even print it: Motherfucker!

    Total body count for episode 1: 4 (maybe 5, I forgot)
    Total VIPs dead: 2
    Total times I dropped my jaw: 3 1/2
    Total times I cried: 3
    Total times I clapped my hands saying, "Go Jack!": 3
    Total times I laughed because Chloe was annoying (this time worked in everyone's favor): 3
    Total times I said, "Not again!": 3
    Total times my husband said there are loopholes to the plot: 2

    Now, let me take a break from all that action and watch Grey's Anatomy's 2 hour premiere now.

    Season 5 Episode 1 Day 5: 7:00 A.M.-8:00 A.M.
    Original Airing: Jan 15, 2006
    Network: Fox

    15 January 2006

    The Future of TV c/o JW

    I've nothing to watch today. I'm preparing myself for a huge, huge TV premiere ---- 24 Season 5 will begin in two days (with a four hour premiere)... Im very excited! It's the one thing on my mind. I've been browsing the net for spoilers (ruining my own fun, huh?).

    So, to take my mind off it, I browsed through DVDTalk and came upon this interesting thread.

    Here, ladies and gentlemen, is the genius behind Firefly with his thoughts on the future of TV (this piece reminds me a lot of Conan O Brien, that other genius ... reading JW's piece felt like hearing CB talk about it ... what can I say, I love my men funny!).

    Anyway, Joss Whedon on The Future of TV (those idiotic comments you'll read are mine, by the way)...

    Many people have asked me, "Joss, what is the future of television? What will we watch? And how will we watch it? Surely you must know, for you are wise, and slender." I usually smile and say nothing, because I wasn't actually listening to the question. But it's a good one, and I think it's time I let you in on a few highlights of Television-to-Be.

    The networks will all be creating exciting, innovative new spin-offs of today's shows. Approximately 67 percent of all television will be CSI-based, including CSI: Des Moines, CSI: New York but a Different Part than Gary Sinise Is In and NCSI: SVU WKRP, which covers every possible gruesome crime with a groovin' '70s beat. (Jerry Bruckheimer will also have conquered Broadway with the CSI musical "FOLLICLE!" starring Nathan Lane as a frenetic but lovable blood spatter and Matthew Broderick as lint.) ---> panalo 'to!

    Lost has that one-of-a-kind alchemy that really can't be copied. Therefore, look for the original series Misplaced, as well as Unfound, Not So Much with the Whereabouts and Just Pull Over and Ask! ---> bwahahah!

    In a stunningly cost-effective move, CBS will air How I Met Your Biological Mother, That Bitch, which is just old episodes of How I Met Your Mother with snarkier narration. HBO's Westminster will continue the trend pioneered by Deadwood and Rome by making 19th-century England really dirty and weird, like Jane Austen with Tourette's. (Actually, I can't wait for that one.) Also, the constant slew of cable mergers will result in the creation of CinePax, a channel that's just very confused about its morals. ---> ROFL!

    Every year another film actress gets "too old" for film leads and finds a (sometimes much better) home on TV. This trend will continue a few years hence when the aging but feisty Dakota Fanning headlines CSI: Vancouver Made to Look Like Chicago.

    Obviously, we'll see advances in technology. TiVo, iPods, streaming video — the way we watch TV is changing dramatically. It's on our phones, in our cars — even projected on specialized eyeglasses. But don't listen to the talk about having shows beamed directly into your brain. That's science-fiction nonsense. Shows will be stored in the pancreas and will enter the brain through the bloodstream after being downloaded into your iHole. ---> mwahahah!

    And what of me? My short-lived series Firefly was the basis for the epic action film Serenity (now available on DVD! I have little or no shame...), and the future will see even more incarnations of this visionary work, as it returns to TV as Serenity: The Firefly Years, then back to film as Firefly: Serenity's Sequel, back to TV as SereniFly, and finally end as the direct-to-eyeglasses series Choose a Damn Name Already. I promise it'll be as heartwarming and exciting as the original Serenity, now available on DVD. (Explain again this thing you call shame....)

    That's all I can tell you, except for one last thing: Veronica Mars will still be on. Veronica Mars will still be on. We clear about that?


    This article was published on TV Guide in January 1, 2006. Joss Whedon is the creator of such cult hits as Buffy The Vampire Slayer (never liked) and Firefly (liked very much!). He is also the writer and director of Serenity, which will hit Pinoy theaters in Feb 2006.

    14 January 2006

    Jologs America

    The first time I watched My Name Is Earl, I didn't like it. If this TV show was a person, I would imagine it would smell. Really bad. As in B.0. bad.

    My Name Is Earl's set or premise is in a part of America we don't often see on TV. No, actually, it's set in a part of America that we do see on TV, let me correct that, --- TV shows like C.O.P.S.

    Earl is show with no pretty houses and fancy clothes (but yes, there are pretty ladies... there is always a pretty lady!). And the characters really... smell.

    So, forgive me for not liking this one right away.

    But... I gave it time and went through it again. And after 5 or 6 episodes, I've warmed up. I still think it smells but it's funny, alright. Not bwahaha-ROFL-funny yet but I get the jokes and they make me laugh...many times.

    The show already won one award in this, the season of awards (Jan-March 2006). People's Choice Awards just named it Best New Comedy for 2005.

    Hmmm...must be karma.

    Earl’s life has been full of poor choices and mistakes, but after winning a small lottery jackpot he has an epiphany and vows to change his ways. Upon discovering that he is the holder of a winning ticket, Earl is hit by a car and the ticket blows out of his limp hand as he lies unconscious in the street. While recovering in the hospital and watching television, Earl has a karmic epiphany, thanks to Carson Daly, who attributes his success to doing good for others. A light bulb goes off in Earl’s dim head and he sets out to right every wrong he has done starting with a grade school geek.

    Here's a clip from my favorite Earl episode:

    My Name Is Earl
    Season 1 Episode 5 - Stole Beer From A Golfer
    Original Air Date: Nov. 8, 2005
    Network: NBC

    13 January 2006

    My other favorite TV show is back

    Pardon me but...I think I have too many favorite shows. Hehe.

    But really, a favorite is back. Am talking about The Shield. Season 5 just opened the other night. And if I may say so, the best season opening for any other shows I've just watched.

    Why is this show my favorite? Awesome writing, exclamation pointssss. (Mwehehe). And I don't mean just the story line, but the dialogues. It's all in-your-face, I love it.

    Vic: I’ll walk out the front door on my own before I’ll let someone push me out the back!


    Dutch: It’s a rookie mistake.
    Claudette: She’s way too young for you.
    Dutch: I am mature and distinguished. A lot of young women appreciate that.
    Claudette: You really ought to cut back on the porn.


    Dutch: Come on. It’s been a long, shitty day.
    Claudette: Everyday....


    Danny: They want to talk to a Captain!
    Capt. Billings: And I want more hair!

    Next time, I'll get clips.

    The Shield
    Season 5 Episode 1 - Extraction
    Original Airing: Jan 10, 2005
    Network: FX

    Hey, remember when Jack used to be ....

    ... the king of the island? (Okay, some people would argue, Locke is the king of the island). Well, not anymore. There's a new guy in town and he's quite scary even creature thing types (what do you really call those??!) are afraid of him:

    With more than 40 people in the island, Lost, should never run out of stories, right? The only problem is, there's too many of them there now, the other storylines never get to develop. And characters like Locke, Jack, Kate and even Michael are slowly fading away...

    Characters like Echo keep it interesting, for now at least. There's a couple of characters I think should actually go, because they're just useless. (Will get to that one in another entry, some other day).

    Here's one reason why Season 2's storyline is developing into something neither here nor there --- JJ Abrams is busy writing another TV show! TV Guide confirms, just today:

    ABC gave the nod to Six Degrees, a drama about the intertwined lives of a group of strangers (sound familiar?), to be executive-produced by (here's a clue) Lost cocreator J.J. Abrams.

    Something to look forward to, Sept 2006. But in the meantime --- c'mon Lost people, whatever happened to the white bear? To Danielle? To "the others"? Time to bring those stories back!

    Season 2 Episode 10 - The 23rd Psalm
    Originally Aired: Jan 11, 2006
    Network: ABC

    Winners, People's Choice

    TV Category

    Favorite New TV Comedy
    My Name is Earl

    Favorite New TV Drama
    Prison Break

    Favorite TV Comedy
    Everybody Loves Raymond

    Favorite TV Drama
    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

    Favorite Reality Show Competition
    American Idol

    Favorite Female TV Star
    Jennifer Garner

    Favorite Male TV Star
    Ray Romano

    Favorite Late Night Talk Show Host
    Jay Leno

    Favorite Daytime Talk Show Host
    Oprah Winfrey

    The ceremony was held Wednesday night, January 11, 2006.
    Aired on CBS.

    10 January 2006

    4Kings: Pilot Episode - already jumped the shark


    Took a break from watching Doogie Howser, MD ---- which reminds me, has it always been so cheesy? It’s toooooo cute! It sucks watching it. Again. In 2006. Hospital TV has greatly evolved since more than 15 years ago, story development - wise, thank God.

    Anyway, finished watching the pilot episode of Four Kings. All 20 minutes of it. I’m thanking God again, it’s only 20 minutes... of wasted time. If it were any longer, I'd...not....thank God. Hehehe.

    This is a show that:
    - was directed by James Burrows – just about the best director for sitcoms (he did episodes of Friends and Will and Grace and thousands more)
    - was created by the team behind Will and Grace, a groundbreaking team
    - starred Seth Green, promising comedian.
    - was recommended as "the show to watch", by reputable TV orgs

    ....so you might say, I expected something great.

    But ended up watching crap.

    Four Kings is a negative four stars in my book.

    Won’t watch it again.

    Dare I say, this show won’t even last.

    Heck, Joey is way better and no one is watching that one.(Well, okay 25 people watch Joey! Including myself...mwehehe.)

    Things I didn't like:
    - The jokes are waaaaaaaaay old and felt like I’ve heard it all before.
    - There are laugh tracks, I hate those.
    - Two thirds of the actors aren’t funny. Their characters are not even likeable
    - Story is bad. First episode and there's already a funeral?

    What's also bad is they placed this on a Thursday sched --- Must-See Thursday! (now Must-See-Them-Lose-Viewers Thursday!)

    Okay, so some would probably give this two more episodes to see if things could change. This is just strike one.

    As for me, ang paaaangggit talaga. Pramis. Hindi ko na po uulitin.

    Four Kings
    The Pilot Episode
    Originally Aired: Jan. 5, 2006
    Network: NBC

    09 January 2006

    If Doogie Were To Blog Today

    Doogie Howser, M.D. - Season One
    ***From the Journals of Doogie Howser, M.D.***

    January 9, 2006... Can't sleep. Had too much coffee. Watched DVDs of some 16-year old kid genius / doctor... They all dress funny. What the heck, it's the late 80's.
    Loved this show. Too bad the actor who starred in it can't get on board shows as good as this any longer.

    Doogie Howser, M.D.: is a television show about a 16 year old child prodigy named Douglas Howser (known to his friends and family as Doogie). He went through high school in 9 weeks, graduated from Princeton at age 10, and passed his medical board at 14. As a 16-year-old Doctor in a busy hospital, Doogie, played by Neil Patrick Harris, has to figure out how to be a professional and adult doctor, while dealing with adolescence and his first experiences in life, such as his first kiss with Wanda Plenn (Lisa Dean Ryan) and his horny best friend/neighbor, Vinnie (Max Casella). On top of these, he is still a kid who lives with his parents played by James Sikking and Belinda Montgomery.

    Throughout the rest of the season, Doogie learns lessons in each episode ranging from birth to death. The end of each episode has Doogie sitting at his computer writing a small passage of what he learned in the episode. The passages are cheesy, but are also meant for children so they fully understand the point of the episode.


    Doogie Howser, MD was my Friday night favorite. I was still in high school at that time and this was what everyone else was watching on TV. It came on at around 8:30 PM just right before 90210.

    Watching the DVDs now bring back lots of memories....like talking and giggling on the phone with my bestfriend while we both watched the show and compared notes. Ah, high school. *sigh*

    Doogie Howser, M.D.
    Network: ABC

    08 January 2006

    Celebrity BB 4 UK

    UK kicks off their 4th Celebrity Big Brother the other day, with a mission for FAKE Celebrity Chantelle.

    She is tasked to introduce herself as a Pop Star. Everyone else in the room, a couple from the entertainment industry, was puzzled for not knowing who she is.

    "Is this the conspiracy still going on?" says one Celebrity Housemate.

    She was the first to enter the house and while the other housemates were not yet there, BB asked her into the diary room. A clip of Chantelle's mission instruction and a preview of how CBB is done UK-style:

    - Chantelle
    - Dennis Rodman - claim to fame: NBA star/weirdo
    - Faria Alam - claim to fame: former model; Football Association Sex Scandal
    - George Galloway - claim to fame: politician
    - Jodie Marsh - claim to fame: socialite/stripper/sexy star
    - Maggot - ?
    - Michael Barrymore - claim to fame: comedian/gay/game show host
    - Pete Burns - claim to fame: musician from the 70's - 80's
    - Preston - ?
    - Rula Lenska - claim to fame: actress
    - Traci Bingham - claim to fame: playboy playmate

    Celebrity Big Brother
    Season 4
    Network: Channel 4 UK

    Awards Night Round-Up

    Screen Actors' Guild Awards

    And the nominees are....

    Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries
    Kenneth Branagh / WARM SPRINGS – Franklin Delano Roosevelt (HBO)
    Ted Danson / KNIGHTS OF THE SOUTH BRONX – David MacEnulty (A&E)
    Ed Harris / EMPIRE FALLS – Miles Roby (HBO)
    Paul Newman / EMPIRE FALLS – Max Roby (HBO)
    Christopher Plummer / OUR FATHERS – Cardinal Bernard Law (Showtime)

    Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries
    Tonantzin Carmelo / INTO THE WEST – Thunder Heart Woman (TNT)
    S. Epatha Merkerson / LACKAWANNA BLUES – Rachel “Nanny” Crosby (HBO)
    Cynthia Nixon / WARM SPRINGS – Eleanor Roosevelt (HBO)
    Joanne Woodward / EMPIRE FALLS – Francine Whiting (HBO)
    Robin Wright Penn / EMPIRE FALLS – Grace Roby (HBO)

    Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series
    Alan Alda / THE WEST WING – Arnold Vinick (NBC)
    Patrick Dempsey / GREY’S ANATOMY – Dr. Derek Shepherd (ABC)
    * Hugh Laurie / HOUSE – Dr. Gregory House (FOX)
    Ian McShane / DEADWOOD – Al Swearengen (HBO)
    Kiefer Sutherland / 24 – Jack Bauer (FOX)

    Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series
    Patricia Arquette / MEDIUM – Allison Dubois (NBC)
    Geena Davis / COMMANDER IN CHIEF – Mackenzie Allen (ABC)
    Mariska Hargitay / LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT – Det. Olivia Benson (NBC)
    * Sandra Oh / GREY’S ANATOMY – Dr. Cristina Yang (ABC)
    Kyra Sedgwick / THE CLOSER – Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson (TNT)

    Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series
    Larry David / CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM – Himself (HBO)
    Sean Hayes / WILL & GRACE – Jack McFarland (NBC)
    * Jason Lee / MY NAME IS EARL – Earl Hickey (NBC)
    William Shatner / BOSTON LEGAL – Denny Crane (ABC)
    James Spader / BOSTON LEGAL – Alan Shore (ABC)

    Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series
    Candice Bergen / BOSTON LEGAL – Shirley Schmidt (ABC)
    Patricia Heaton / EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND – Debra Barone (CBS)
    * Felicity Huffman / DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES – Lynette Scavo (ABC)
    Megan Mullally / WILL & GRACE – Karen Walker (NBC)
    * Mary-Louise Parker / WEEDS – Nancy Botwin (Showtime)

    Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series
    * LOST (ABC)

    Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series

    Screen Actors Guild ceremonies airing Jan 29, 2006.

    Golden Globe Awards

    And the nominees are....

    Drama Series
    Commander in Chief, ABC
    * Grey's Anatomy, ABC
    * Lost, ABC
    * Prison Break, Fox
    Rome, HBO

    Actress, Drama Series
    Patricia Arquette, Medium
    * Glenn Close, The Shield
    Geena Davis, Commander in Chief
    Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer
    Polly Walker, Rome

    Actor, Drama Series
    Patrick Dempsey, Grey's Anatomy
    Matthew Fox, Lost
    * Hugh Laurie, House
    * Wentworth Miller, Prison Break
    Kiefer Sutherland, 24

    Series, Musical or Comedy
    Curb Your Enthusiasm, HBO
    Desperate Housewives, ABC
    * Entourage, HBO
    Everybody Hates Chris, UPN
    My Name Is Earl, NBC
    * Weeds, Showtime

    Actress, Musical or Comedy
    Marcia Cross, Desperate Housewives
    Teri Hatcher, Desperate Housewives
    * Felicity Huffman, Desperate Housewives
    Eva Longoria, Desperate Housewives
    * Mary Louise Parker, Weeds

    Actor, Musical or Comedy
    * Zach Braff, Scrubs
    * Steve Carell, The Office
    Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm
    Jason Lee, My Name Is Earl
    Charlie Sheen, Two and a Half Men

    Miniseries or Movie
    Empire Falls, HBO
    Into the West, TNT
    Lackawanna Blues, HBO
    Sleeper Cell, Showtime
    Viva Blackpool, BBC America
    Warm Springs, HBO

    Actress, Miniseries or Movie
    Halle Berry, Their Eyes Were Watching God
    Kelly MacDonald, The Girl in the Cafe
    S. Epatha Merkerson, Lackawanna Blues
    Cynthia Nixon, Warm Springs
    Mira Sorvino, Human Trafficking

    Actor, Miniseries or Movie
    Kenneth Branagh, Warm Springs
    Ed Harris, Empire Falls
    Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Elvis
    Bill Nighy, The Girl in the Cafe
    Donald Sutherland, Human Trafficking

    Supporting Actress, Miniseries, Movie or Series
    Candice Bergen, Boston Legal
    Camryn Manheim, Elvis
    * Sandra Oh, Grey's Anatomy
    Elizabeth Perkins, Weeds
    Joanne Woodward, Empire Falls

    Supporting Actor, Miniseries, Movie or Series
    Naveen Andrews, Lost
    Paul Newman, Empire Falls
    * Jeremy Piven, Entourage
    Randy Quaid, Elvis
    Donald Sutherland, Commander in Chief

    Golden Globes ceremonies airing Jan 16, 2006.

    06 January 2006

    The One Where We Watched Friends

    Friends - The One with All Ten Seasons (Limited Edition) Over the holidays my little boy and I spent Christmas vacation watching my Friends DVD. My boy had seen the TV show before, as a younger child, all of 4 years (he's now 8), which means he couldn't remember a lot of it back then, it is not exactly a show that would hold a 4-year old's interest. So, anyway...he wanted to start from the beginning. In the course of our viewing, my boy feeds me his observations. He notices how much a competitive person Monica is; or how very funny Chandler is ("He says the funniest things," my boy would tell me.); or how different Phoebe looked from the earlier years.

    I could tell my boy was really into the show and was starting to think like me when on one episode, he clicked the remote to pause the DVD and said: Mommy, when you boss me around, you're just like Monica. Of course, that was something I've known all along, I am a lot like her, but I find it amusing that my son would think the same thing. He also told me I'm as crazy as Phoebe.

    When I asked him if I was as pretty as Rachel, the brat didn't say anything.

    And then we played Phoebe's game (in the episode The One In Vegas Part 1, where Phoebe asked a series of questions and Joey would say the first thing that comes to his mind). I started with the basic :

    Me: What do you love most, ice cream or chocolate?
    S: Ice cream
    Me: Who do you love most, mommy or daddy?
    S: Mommy

    and moved to Friends-related:

    Me: Who is funnier, Chandler of Phoebe?
    S: Chandler
    Me: Who would you kiss, Monica or Rachel?
    S: Rachel

    I asked him why Rachel.

    "She'd make a good girlfriend,"
    my boy says.

    Of course, when I asked him what his favorite show is, that isn't a cartoon or something he'd watch on Disney channel, I already know the answer.

    After viewing, he went online and googled anything Friends related, and now knows more than the average Friends fan. If I dare say, my son is a lot like Ross that way. He's a geek, he'd google anything if he wants to get information. He's the kind of boy who keeps a list of pasta dishes and scientific names of plants (among other lists), just for the heck of it.

    The drawback to watching Friends with an 8 year old is, every now and then I get questions like, "Mommy, what's a condom?" ... but I don't really mind it. It is better he learn this from me rather than from someone else and make-up all sorts of answers about it, right? Phoebe for one, wouldn't like that.

    Network: NBC

    05 January 2006

    Scrubs back!

    A tight Orange Bowl game featuring two coaching legends put ABC back atop the ratings Tuesday, while the return of "Scrubs" to NBC didn't create much fanfare.

    ....well, not if you check torrents! Weheheh. D/L's by the thousands, just for the premiere episodes.

    For season 5, JD's now an attending physician and calls former mentors, Perry Cox and Bob Kelso by their first names, since they are officially his "colleagues". Hehehe.

    And my fave, Dr. Cox iiiiiiis back!

    The editing from the premiere episode though was pretty....uh, botchy. Hmm.

    Network: NBC
    From Season 5 Episode 1 - My Intern's Eyes
    Original Airing: Jan. 3, 2006

    04 January 2006

    Is Reality TV dying? (Mid Season Premiers)

    Of the 20 or so new TV shows premiering mid-season (beginning next week), only a handful belong to the Reality TV genre. What the networks are offering this season are HB0-ish TV shows --- groundbreaking, different (often quirky). Now, they get the idea!

    Anyhow...here are a couple of shows I think I'm gonna tune to once it airs:

    'Emily's Reasons Why Not'
    Heather Graham

    Pilot Date: Jan. 9, 2006
    Network: ABC

    Synopsis from TV.COM:

    Emily Sanders (Heather Graham) is a successful young woman with terrific taste, great friends and a fabulous job in publishing. She didn’t get to this place in life by accident. She worked hard and always followed a set of self-imposed guidelines referred to as the “Reasons.” Reasons why not to take that new job offer, reasons why not to tell a vacation fling to look you up if he’s ever in Los Angeles, reasons why not to trust your crafty, back-stabbing former assistant , Glitter Cho (Smith Cho) . However, when Emily crosses professional lines and gets involved with the roguishly handsome, two-timing author of their new best seller, there’s no denying somewhere along the way her internal GPS system has crashed. She’s got to get back on track, and once again be heedful of the trustworthy reasons that help her navigate her way through life. Reilly (Nadia Dajani) is a "nonconformist" who is unemployed and still single. She has known Emily since childhood. Reilly has no problem telling it like it is. Josh (Khary Payton) works at a healing teashop called "Chi for Two".

    Seth Green
    'Four Kings'

    Pilot Date: Jan. 5, 2006
    Network: NBC

    Synopsis from TV.COM:

    The Emmy-winning creators of NBC's "Will & Grace" David Kohan and Max Mutchnick are creating "Four Kings," their new comedy pilot for NBC. The executive producers of the Warner Bros. TV project will write it In the pilot it centers on a quartet of guys, childhood best friends, who live in New York.

    In short, this is Sex and The City: Men Edition....with a touch of Entourage.

    'Book of Daniel'
    Pilot Date: Jan.6, 2006
    Network: NBC

    Synopsis from TV.COM:

    The show focuses on an Episcopalian minister and father. He finds himself conversing with Jesus - his mentor and friend - who helps navigate family problems, church politics and even his nagging reliance on prescription painkillers.

    The pilot was written on spec by "Titus" co-creator Jack Kenny. NBC took the rare step of buying his finished script even though it was not developed through the network's traditional process.

    Kenny and his writing partner, Brian Hargrove, created and shepherded the Christopher Titus comedy "Titus," which ran from 2000-02 on Fox. Additionally, Kenny has directed episodes of "Titus," the WB Network's "Reba," and Titus' recent comedy special for Showtime, "Norman Rockwell Is Bleeding."

    Hello, God are you there? It's me Daniel.


    03 January 2006

    Joey, meet Eddie

    This actor, Adam Goldberg, played Eddie, Chandler's fruit drying psychotic roommate on Friends. He moved in with Chandler when Joey left to move into his own "soap-opera actor" pad.

    10 years after, he appears on Joey as Joey's highschool bestfriend and the father of Joey's 22 year old nephew, Michael.

    In the same episode, Joey talks about "not having seen his hands before" when in fact, he did this in Friends, Season 5 (The Identical Hand Twin).

    Network: NBC
    From Episode 11, Season 2 - Joey and The High School Friend.
    Original Airing: Dec. 8, 2005

    02 January 2006

    Martha, this is how you fire people...

    ...and this is the way "intellectual", "powerful" women bitch at each other:

    Or view here.

    While watching this scene I was playing Six Degrees in my head.

    Let's see.... Melanie, that lady from the clip whom the president just fired because of differences in principles over handling terrorists, is played by Leslie Hope....who, in another TV show (24) played the wife of a Counter Terrorist Agent, Jack Bauer, skilled in torturing terrorists, particularly one that killed his wife, Terry aka Melanie.

    Yeah, well...that didn't take six degrees.

    I was half expecting Jack to appear on this scene and say,
    "Right now, Mrs President, I have killed two people since midnight. I haven't slept in over 24 hours. So maybe you should be a little more afraid of me than you are now. HIRE MY WIFE BACK!"

    Okay, that was a bad line.

    Episode 5 Season 1 - First...Do No Harm
    Network: ABC
    Original Airing: October 25, 2005

    01 January 2006

    Desperate Housewives Call for Desperate Measures

    On test broadcast... please don't mind the graphics, theme and stuff, it's half-done. Will be officially broadcasting 01.2006. Happy New Year!

    Has this show jumped the shark? Because that one looks like a Melrose Place plot line to me...And we all know what happened to Melrose Place when it got all crazy and ridiculous --- it lost its viewership.

    Desperate Housewives - The Complete First Season To be honest, I've dropped this show from my To-Watch list. It has lost my interest. For one thing, the storylines don't actually develop and it's like everything wrong or unfortunate is happening to all four women, all at the same time that, IRL I might not wanna be friends with four whining-slash-problematic women (which is too bad because I would probably love Lynette among all of them).

    Sophomore jinx? Or is it time for these Wisteria Lane residents to pack up and leave? How can a show be so greatly written the first season, suck so bad in the next one?

    First Broadcast

    On test broadcast... please don't mind the graphics, theme and stuff, it's half-done. Will be officially broadcasting 01.2006. Happy New Year!

    Not quite as great as the first two Seasons, but Australian Idol remains one of the best Idol franchise there is. Production is very well-prepared, the hosts have undeniable chemistry and wit; and there is an indeed an amazing crop of talent in the land down under.

    Read more about Australian Idol on Wikipedia.

    Watch some clips below:

    Opening of Australian Idol 2005 Finals - December 2005

    Or view here.

    Every year, I look forward to watching the opening of Australian Idol finale because it's not like any other Idol preparation I've seen. Fireworks displays are just the icing on the cake, what happens before that are events short of a Hollywood entrance. This year, the final two contestants were escorted from the end of the street by Harley-driving biker boys (last year, the final two rode at the back of a top down luxury car). Their mini-parade ended at the steps of the Sydney Opera House where thousands of screaming fans asked for their pictures and autographs.

    To a lowly "singing show contestant" experiencing this (win or lose), it is just the beginning of their ride to superstardom.

    Emily Williams
    Australian Idol 2005 Finalist (Top 2)

    Or view here.

    Emily was my bet to win it. She sounds like Whitney Houston and of all the contestants, she was the only one who got two touchdowns from Australian Idol Judge Mark Holden. Earning a "touchdown" from Mark usually meant that on that night, you gave the best performance and may possibly be the best one of the lot.

    Kate DeAraugo
    Australian Idol 2005 Winner

    Or view here

    I think Kate won because the original Australian Idol song was meant to be sung by someone with her voice. If fitted her perfectly. She was not exactly the crowd favorite but she has a good recording voice --- flawless and crystal clear.

    Australian Idol
    Season 3 Finale
    Network: Network 10
    Original Airing: November 21, 2005