26 October 2008

Aren't you watching The Starter Wife yet?

Switching from a mini-series to a full-fledged series seemed to do The Starter Wife a lot of good. It's slowly becoming one of the programs I look forward to watching every week. The casting changes (because they let go of the some of the original cast from the mini-series) isn't a bother at all. The writing remains sharp. And Molly (Debra Messing) is becoming more and more loose and zany and yet she still manages to stay classy. She's been a big shot Hollywood wife for years after all. It's so fun watching her.

This week Molly is working on a pitch. She's been approached by someone from the industry to write a movie... that eventually became a TV series...about an ex-Hollywood wife...who was a Private Investigator...but was re-characterized as a Bounty Hounter. Hah. Hey, it wasn't her original idea. She had something better but the "suits" wanted her to go differently.

Anyway, for this project, she had to interview a real private investigator at her house with her friend, Joan ---
PI: When people lie they look to the right. Never fails...
Molly: I had no idea (writes notes)...
Joan: Why did you become a PI anyway?
Molly: Joan, I told you you could come over if you let me do my work and that includes letting me ask the question.
Joan: Don't you wanna know why he became a PI?
Molly: Ye-esss --- (to the PI) Why did you become a PI?
PI: When I was a teenager, I came out of the theater and my parents were gunned down in front of me in cold blood and I vowed right then and there that I would hunt down the killer while helping others get justice at the same time...
Molly: That's horrible!
Joan: That's BATMAN!
PI: ... okay. Okay...I was a rouge cop...
Molly: (inaudible) You're eyes just shifted right!!!
PI: You're good!