30 September 2008

Worst Week S1 E2 - The Bird

Okay I think I found my preferred new comedy series. I am hooked. I have blogged about it here and said I'd see where this goes. It didn't take too long, did it?

Yes, I am having so much fun with Worst Week. The second episode just got better.

After meeting the parents, it was time for Sam to meet the siblings and of course, it didn't turn well for the unluckiest man in the world.

It still feels a lot like Meet The Parents though...which is fine, I guess. I had no problem with that movie.

Favorite quote:
Sam: I had a (live) bird in my pocket...there was an erection misunderstanding, so I punched it in the face and killed it.

The bird was for Sam's girlfriend's dad. He secretly wanted to replace the one he killed (thus keeping it where no one will find it --- his pocket!

The "erection" happened when he walked by his girlfriend's sister breast-feeding and the bird was moving near his crotch!

Fun. Fun. Funny!!!