09 September 2008

Brothers and Sisters Season 3: A first look in pictures...

Something about the make believe world of television makes the Justin and Becca situation a lot less icky. Now that it has been established that they're no longer blood relatives, this picture makes me swooooon.

Here's more from the first episode of Brothers and Sisters Season 3. Episode 1 is entitled Glass Houses: SPOILERS from E! --- The Walkers will hit the beach for a little family vacay, and it's going to get ugly. In fact, we're in store for one of the worst Walker fights ever, and it's going to leave a lasting impression. Also, a certain Walker is having trouble consummating a relationship.

One big crazy happy family...When there's a Walker dinner, a fight is almost always going to happen!

The single mom and her angels...

The sister-in-law with Tommy's cute daughter...

And if you've read the spoilers from E! Online today, something's going to happen between Kitty and Robert. Their relationship is going to be tested by his infidelity. :(

Brothers and Sisters premieres Sept. 28.

Photos from Celebutopia