17 September 2008

House S5 EP1 - Dying Changes Everything

Oh dear lordy. Wilson broke up with House!!! What can I say? I am too sad for words. The bromance is over! Cuddy was nearly gonna pull her hair out trying to help these two patch up. Going into "counselling" was an amusing scene. And I chuckled every time someone said the word, "idiot".

For a season opener though? This whole episode was brilliant. House is still that bloody ass who is never going to change. Nearly everyone had screen time (yay!) and Thirteen had her side story....which means we'll get to see more of this a lot this season.

Anyway, the bromance? This was how tonight ended:

Wilson to House ---
We're not okay...Amber was never the reason I was leaving. I didn't wanna tell you because....because I was trying, like I always do, to protect you.

Which is the problem.

You spread misery cause you can't feel anything else. You manipulate people because you can't handle any real relationship and I've enabled it. For years, the games, the binges, the middle of the night phone calls. I should've been the one on the bus, not Amber...You should've been alone on the bus.

If I learned anything from Amber is that I have to take care of myself.

We're not friends anymore, House. I'm not sure we ever were.