25 September 2008

Australian Idol Top 11 - Brooke Addamo

It is a big mystery to me as to why Brooke Addamo was eliminated from Australian Idol this week. Of the 12, she's the one with the pitch perfect voice. You'll see her last performance in the video below... but let me get to what this week was about first.

This week was 80's night and so far, I think of it as this season's highlight. About half of them did decently better than expected. I loved most of the songs they sang. And Wes, dear Wes, with his 15 years of experience as a performer, sang Springsteen!!! Cyndi Lauper was guest judge/mentor. My respect for her as an artist tripled. She's a great teacher!

Here's Australian Idol's Top 11 --- Brooke Addamo with Bette Davis' Eyes. Now, you tell me how the hell she got voted out too soon:

And here's Wes Carr with Dancing in the Dark. I got up on my feet and danced to this! He was ah-ma-zing!