17 September 2008

TV Ratings [09.15.08]

Wow. Things are really picking up for CW. Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill's ratings are steady. Someone's gonna get a pay raise! Someone or some show is going to be renewed for a third season! And I can't believe how well an old Batman movie is doing, still! (Not a big fan) Even with DVDs of it are out! Terminator lost viewers in big numbers. Uh-oh.

8.00 Block
Deal Or No Deal NBC 8.8 M
The Big Bang Theory (Repeat) CBS 6.0 M
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Fox 5.5 M
How I Met Your Mother (Repeat) CBS 5.4 M
Batman Begins (Movie) ABC 4.9 M
Gossip Girl The CW 3.7 M

9.00 Block
Two And A Half Men (Repeat) CBS 9.9 M
New Adventures Of Old Christine (Repeat) CBS 7.3 M
Batman Begins (Movie) ABC 6.1 M
Prison Break Fox 5.9 M
America’s Toughest Jobs NBC 4.9 M
One Tree Hill The CW 3.4 M

10.00 Block
CSI: Miami (Repeat) CBS 7.6 M
Batman Begins ABC 6.1 M
Dateline NBC 4.4 M

Source: Nielsen