20 September 2008

Burn Notice S2 E9 - Good Soldier

After a short 9 episode run, Burn Notice ends its explosive summer season aptly so...with a bang.

As in, Ka-BOOM.

Yeah, that kind of "bang".

The people who've burned ex-spy Michael Westen has rigged the door of his home, nearly killing him. And it won't be until few more months before we find out if Michael has escaped unscratched. On second thought, of course he will escape without a scratch. He's the star of the show, isn't he?

The thing I love about this season? Michael's cover IDs! Every week, he pretended to be a different guy, it was fun to watch. The funnest character he played would probably have to be the asthmatic geek who was the complete opposite of his James-Bond-spy persona. Playing different people showed actor Jeffrey Donovan's versatility, which, to be honest, I wasn't even sure was in him...but I really don't care. He could just stand there and pretend he's a log and I'd still say he's cool and sexy!

I am also liking the (sexual) tension between Michael and Fiona. Does he still love her? Does she want him to still love her? I want him to love ME! :D

The thing I hate about this season? The question as to whoever burned Michael is still not answered. It is this thing, this running story, which the writers will, no doubt, be dragging all the way till the end.

Is Carla, his "handler, as much a patsy as Michael was made to be this season? Did Carla and her people really intend to kill him at his house? Or is that something Carla doesn't know herself?

Could January be any earlier? Season 2 Part 2 begins until then.