12 September 2008

TV Round Up Fridays: Quite a mix bag of everything TV

Round-up time! What's been going on in TV world this week? Lotsa fighting! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Alec Baldwin is pissed at NBC for something 30 Rock related, and takes his anger out on Scrubs and My Name is Earl. Greg Garcia, My Name is Earl creator, answers back. Baldwin apologizes to both shows, but not before ending his statement with yet another biting comment. Garcia answers back again. This ping pong is dizzying. Grown men engaging in word war? Not amusing unless... it's a story in TV show.

Did you hear about how NBC stars are banned from appearing on Scrubs, which has now moved to ABC? Network Wars on American TV? Aww, shit! It's why I don't watch local TV.

OMG! Seal will be on Eli Stone! Wheee!

Every week is National Stay At Home Week in our household, ABC.

Tina Fey will do Sarah Palin on SNL? Oh, please...please...please let it happen!

Ellen and Portia's wedding videos. Awwww. Ellen, by the way, is the new Cover Girl! Cool!

Gossip Girls' Leighton Meister is recording an album.

What shows should you be watching this September? Reuters rounds it up.

True Blood's pilot episode earned 1.44M viewers. Told you it made me fall asleep.

Paley visits Joey! Cute that they can stay friends after all these years.

Which show is crazier? Lost or Fringe? And how are they similar?

Sex and The City Sequel, next summer?

JLo is Project Runway's finale judge.

Jason Priestly directed the episode of Secret Life of American Teenager this week. It went up against 90210 and did better.

Josh Groban is singing TV Theme Songs at the Emmy's on the 21st. --- "More than two dozen classic openings, including The Brady Bunch anthem, are in the four-minute-plus medley, with many choices being kept under wraps until Emmy night. The Simpsons' and Friends' themes made the cut, but many choices are from an earlier era, before business and ratings strategies shortened or eliminated themes."