04 September 2008

TV Ratings [09.02.08]

To borrow Gossip Girl's promo tagline, this really is OMFG. The 2-hour premiere of 90210 is CW's highest rated debut. Ever. It has outperformed pilot debuts of past CW shows like The O.C., Dawson's Creek, Gilmore Girls and Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

My gosh, buzzing about it as early as February actually worked!

Here's the complete rundown:

8:00 Block
America’s Got Talent NBC 10.1 M
NCIS (Repeat) CBS 8.0 M
House (Repeat) Fox 6.4 M
Wipeout (Repeat) ABC 5.9 M
90210 The CW 4.7 M

9:00 Block
America’s Got Talent NBC 11.1 M
Big Brother CBS 6.5 M
House (Repeat) Fox 6.4 M
90210 The CW 5.1 M
Wanna Bet ABC 3.9 M

CW is on a roll, it really is trying to outlast itself. Gossip Girl had its record breaking ratings yesterday. Now this. Is this network finally saved? I'm curious about the following week's ratings.

Source: Nielsen