16 September 2008

Survivor Philippines finds a star in Patani

Yep, they found an unlikely TV star. They found someone many Filipino households will be taking about for the next few weeks. Her name is Patani, a name I'm guessing the network asked her to use since her real name is Jervy (Patani is her middle name). Right there people is what you call branding. That's one thing GMA did right for this franchise. [I won't start about what they did wrong because there were plenty of flaws. It wasn't as good as I was hoping it would knowing that there's too much hype about it being handled by a prestigious News and Public Affairs department, rather than an Entertainment department. I'll chalk it up to.... first day (week) jitters?]

Anyway, "Patani" has more character. She's a person named after a vegetable, after all.

Her VTR intro says she got on the show because she wants to be famous, that she wants to have fans. Amusingly honest. Not like when one of the castaways said they got to the show to prove what Filipinos can do. Note to future reality contestants --- Puh-leeaase, enough of that crap! If you're on a "reality TV program" to "prove something", get off TV and join a non-profit organization or get involved in your community and prove something there. Plant a tree, promote recycling, build a free school for street kids, do medical missions. Don't do TV, unless what you really intend is to whore your way to publicity and prestige.

Like Patani. Who makes no qualms about saying that's what she wants. That's why, of the 18 castaways introduced last night, she stood out to me. Well, she also stood out because she was in this silly get up (on the VTR, not as pictured). Heh. But you see, Patani already knows what works for Reality TV. This nanny is born to be in it. Think of all the sound bites she will provide to this otherwise boring, repetitive format.

I envy her smooth brown skin, by the way. Were those photos airbrushed? :D

Survivor Philippines airs every night at 9 PM on GMA.