10 September 2008

Privileged S1 E1 Pilot

I finally have something I can watch on CW!! 

I knew I'd enjoy Privileged.  I did say it was my Samantha Who? this year... and you know what? It did not disappoint. I loved every minute of the pilot!

Save for the fact that everything about this show isn't a fresh concept; or the fact that Privileged may be considered a poor imitation of yet another series about wealthy brats... over-all though, I know I'm sticking around for more.

The heart of the show is really JoAnna Garcia, who plays Megan Smith, a writer who dreams of meeting rich and famous people so she can have materials for a really good book she's planning to author. Instead, she ends up tutoring two rich Palm Beach teenage girls, who predictably aren't interested with school work. 

Megan is smart, perky, goofy and really, really cute. You cannot not love her. The girls, Rose and Sage, are known as the Evil Baker Twins. But they aren't that evil. Well, one is...but there's always a reason. You can't really hate them. 

Now this cuteness seems to be the prerequisite to this show, you know? We've got too many dramas of the rich and famous to go around, so I'm telling you now --- Privileged is the lite, stress-free version.

Also in the cast is Anne Archer, as the girl's very classy grandmother, who Megan initially thought she was working for.

The show's got the token gay guy, as well --- the family chef, Marco. I'm seeing that he will be Megan's confidante in the household and will walk her through the kids' fancy lifestyle. Let's just say that if this was a fairy tale, Marco would be the fairy godmother to Megan. 

Outside of work, Megan has her working class best friend, Charlie, who'll probably be her sounding board when she starts complaining about how unfocused and superficial the kids are.

Are you now getting a picture of what this show is like?

There are shades of Gilmore Girls in this one. Despite it's really unoriginal plot, Privileged has witty dialogues and is a smartly written, well-paced show. It's oddly formulaic and predictable. And yet I can't help but enjoy it.

Watching it or ditching it? My answer to this is crystal clear. I'm giddy about it.