20 September 2008

Survivor Philippines Week 1

I have a bunch of "Who Knew's"

Who knew Emerson, who virtually didn't have any exposure the first three days, had such deceptive intentions? He's going to be interesting to watch.

Who knew Chev was going to be voted off? (Speaking of Chev, who is she planning to paddle in this photo?) I thought they were gunning for JC, who had to stop mid-game during the immunity challenge; or Kaye, who failed to solve the final puzzle.

And along this line, as I believed JC was more reponsible for the team losing, who knew he could avoid getting the boot by managing to convince a tribe member to vote for Chev?

So many surprises this week.

Including ---- who knew I'd be addicted to Survivor again? A local franchise at that? Who knows how long my newly-revived addiction for Survivor Philippines will last?