27 September 2008

Survivor Philippines Week 2

What a player Emerson was. He stirred the pot early on. He claimed he doesn't know the game of Survivor and haven't seen one episode of it. But he was the first to ruffle the feathers of his tribe and pitted castaways to distrust each other. For someone who played deviously the first week, Emerson wasn't smart enough to cover his tracks. And so, his tribe mates saw through him. Karma made a huge payback and Emerson was voted off the island this week.

Meanwhile, during the Immunity Challenge, Jace of the Jarakay tribe probably gave Survivor one of its best TV moments...by duping Kiko of the Naak tribe. Playing with a "gentleman's agreement" where the two even shook hands, Jace made a run for the Thai pillow the two were wrestling over, and left Kiko on the ground. Kiko got pwned.

Jace didn't play fair and square. But is there such a thing in Survivor?