29 September 2008

Brothers and Sisters S3 E1 Glass Houses

Welcome back my favorite TV Family!

Your love and fondness for each other ... it makes me wish I was a Walker ( the luxuries and perks to being one are a bonus, too!); but those family gatherings can drive me really crazy! And that's what happened this week. I think the Walker siblings had their biggest fight ever. I mean, calls ignored and all.

Sarah had a lot of things to deal with, aside from obsessing about the brother they have yet to meet (Ryan). Kitty is resentful of her for letting their mom do the adoption agency recommendation letter Sarah was supposed to personally write. And Sarah is also mad at Tommy since he's about to fire the family lawyer, Kevin.

Kevin just had good vibes from the boss, he's almost going to be made partner at the law firm and was given the keys to the company beach house. Except that he had to go and invite everyone for the weekend. Thus, it became the weekend that ruined everything. To top it all off, he learned his brother is letting him go as the company lawyer. The company account is what gave him a career boost at his law firm in the first place.

Justin and Rebecca had first kept their relationship a secret from everyone. But that day, that crazy weekend? Justin told them they were dating, much to Rebecca's disappointment who wasn't ready to tell them.

This is the part where I'd pack my bags and leave the Walker party. In fact, Tommy, Rebecca and Kitty did.

But they are siblings and they have Nora as the glue (and that's straight out of the cheesy recommendation letter for Kitty!); they will patch things up!

Speaking of Nora, well... well... well... she's getting her due vengeance. Nora marches down Holly's office to tell her William had been cheating on the both of them and bore a son from this union.