18 September 2008

TV Ratings [09.16.2008]

Darn it. Where did my time go? I couldn't keep up last night. I had five shows to watch and only saw 2. Whiner alert. Sorry. I was complaining about the lack of TV entertainment last summer and now that everything I love is slowly coming back and filling my schedule, I complain I don't have enough time. Heh.

Anyway, last night's rating... Expectedly Fringe benefited from House because it jumped and gained 4Million more viewers than last week. Yay!

8.00 Block
House Fox 14.4 M
NCIS (Repeat) CBS 9.6 M
Biggest Loser NBC 7.4 M
Wipeout ABC 6.2 M
90210 The CW 3.3 M

9.00 Block
Fringe Fox 13.4 M
Biggest Loser NBC 8.2 M
Big Brother CBS 7.6 M
Wipeout ABC 5.5 M
Privileged The CW 2.4 M
UFOs: Seeing Is Believing ABC 5.0 M

10.00 Block
Without A Trace (Repeat) CBS 6.3 M
UFOs: Seeing Is Believing ABC 6.0 M
Law & Order: SVU (Repeat) NBC 5.7 M

Source: Nielsen