09 September 2008

Programus Interruptus

I am having a tiff with Monica, my PC. I need to replace some parts and those parts won't be here until tomorrow, I think. Bummer. I've got so much stuff to do, Monica!

I could work on Eve, my son's beautiful Mac-powered computer. I have to say beautiful because she really, really is. That alone should push me to use her.

But I am a PC gal through and through. And have had old reliable Monica all configured to work so very efficiently for me. She wasn't named Monica for the heck of it. (See under Personality - Monica Geller)

Unfortunately, she's not reliable right now. When I really, really need her. (It's fall premiere season, dammit!)

You know how that is, right? You probably know your own computer so well that if you try and work on a different one, it will slow you down. What normally takes an hour for you to finish, takes three hours.

Long story short, that's how it is for me. And I so hate it when I can't work well. I am actually on Eve, trying to get work done. But so far? Not being productive!

I'm not enjoying this short interruption but I have no choice. I need Monica to behave better first.

Until then...