04 September 2008

Wonder Years, the 80's version, is in development

Not so sure how I'm taking this news. But NBC is planning to do a show similarly formatted to The Wonder Years. It will be set in the 80's (TWY was set in the 60's).

The show will be tentatively titled "Lost in the '80s."

Am an 80's kid...so right there, this one has ME for an audience. But to pattern after Wonder Years, a show near and dear to me....and to a lot of people? I'm taking a Let's-Wait-and-See stance.

NBC is getting "Lost in the '80s."

The network has handed a director-contingent pilot order to an hourlong project from "The Wonder Years" writer-producer Bob Brush.

The project, produced by Sony Pictures TV and studio-based Tantamount, is described as "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" meets "The Ice Storm."

It is considered an '80s version of "Wonder Years," the half-hour dramedy set 20 years prior that tackled the social issues and historic events of the late '60s through the eyes of teen Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage).

Brush won an Emmy and a Humanitas Prize for his writing duties on "Wonder Years," which aired on ABC for six seasons.

Brush is executive producing "Lost in the '80s" with Tantamount's Eric Tannenbaum, Kim Tannenbaum and Mitch Hurwitz.

His series credits include ABC's "Karen Sisco" and CBS' "Early Edition."

NBC already is riding the '80s wave with its sequel to "Knight Rider" and its revival of "American Gladiators." | THR

David Schwimmer, pre-Friends, was a part of The Wonder Years.And now, I wish there was a way I could watch this all over again. Is there? The DVDs aren't out but I haven't checked online...I probably should. But can some cable channel get this classic favorite on syndication please?