23 September 2008

Emmy Aftermath: Best and Worst Emmy Moment


5. Kristin Chenoweth, presenter. What can I say? She is such a doll and a trooper. (She's Barbie's Skipper!) Kristin Chenoweth is love.

4. Glen Close winning Best Actress. I should say she was due an Emmy trophy some three years ago for her guest role on The Shield. She won it now, that's what matters. I didn't pick for her though, I went for Sally Field.

3. Speaking of Sally Field --- Tom Hanks and her briefly reuniting on stage? Awww...

2. Tina Fey, yay!

1. Ricky Gervais. What a brilliant comedian, isn't he?


5. Josh Groban. Like I lost respect for him as a singer. Who made him sing himself silly?

4. Mad Men. It had me doubting my taste in TV programs for awhile. But I found out I'm not the only one who doesn't get this show. Even if it won Best Drama.

3. The Laugh-in bit? Or whatever that was with Lily Tomlin. She was great... but I felt sorry for the rest of them. They didn't have timing, for one. They shouldn't be subjected to such ridiculous antics. They've got nothing to prove anymore. Can you imagine the cast of Friends or maybe even Seinfeld doing their bits 30 years from now? Would you want that to be your last memory of your TV favorites together?

2. The idea of putting five reality hosts together. It was lousy. Lamest Emmy evaaaar.

1. Howie Mendel. Shut the eff up!

I wasn't able to watch the opening so I missed that video about Catchphrases. Guess I'll have to find that online. Also, who the heck is Lauren Hill and why did she become a presenter?