05 September 2008

TV Round Up: Casting Gossip among other things...

I've been doing a marathon of Australian Idol the last two days. It's sooooo much what I've expected it to be. I wish the whole world could see the talent they have down under.

Anyway, let's round up this week's TV news, yeah?

Check out Dollhouse's blog.

Speaking of blogs, are you a fan of Reaper? I didn't know Brett Harrison was also into blogging. The show is still coming back as mid-season replacement. If you want to catch up, Star World will begin airing Season 1 by end of September if I'm not mistaken.

Rich and famous on TV: The good and the bad side.

Miss Piggy is coming back to TV!!! I'm so excited.

Don LaFontaine Dies at 68. You may not know him but his voice is very familiar to you. He's the one doing all those movie trailers and TV teasers.

Blake Lively and Leighton Meister will be on 30 Rock. Oprah will be on 30 Rock. And you probably know about Jennifer Aniston's guest appearance (video preview). Seems 30 Rock is the show to be in if you're moonlighting as a guest TV star.

Jodie Foster is the voice of big girl Maggie on The Simpson's.

Brothers and Sisters scoopage --- Ryan will seek Becca's advice. Justin will not be all brotherly towards him. The green eyed monster lurks.

The Top 10 best Pilot episodes ever. Watched most of it, except #6 and #8. No Battlestar Galactica pilot? It was the shittest (mean that in the most positive way!) from the soundtrack alone.

Sarah Palin is Karen Walker (Will and Grace). Haha!

And oh...did you know there's a new cable channel on Destiny? It's called C/S Origins, a spin off of Crime Suspense. It's exclusive to Destiny only and since I'm on Sky Cable, it sucks that we're not getting it. :P

I haven't seen The Sheild's first episode this week yet. Maybe this weekend.

Have a good one!