23 September 2008

Worst Week S1 E1 - Pilot

I have no familiarity with the two lead actors on Worst Week (except... the girl looks awfully familiar! Where have I seen her?). This sometimes works out for the better because I can set no expectations whatsover from actors I know little about.

However, I've seen the British version of this recently. The reason I checked that out was precisely because I wanted a comparison. But from the onset, the two sitcoms are very much different.

The closest I can describe this show so that you'd have an idea of what it is about? This is Meet the Parents, for Television.

Yes, the lead guy (Sam, played by Kyle Bornheimer) gets into trouble a whoooooole lot just to make the parents of his future bride love him. Which means --- you see everything that can potentially go wrong coming a mile away.

To its credit, Sam is a bit likeable and this pilot episode is tons funny, even as it resorted to slapstick comedy and toilet humor --- Sam pees on the goose his future mother-in-law prepared for dinner...future dad-in-law slips on his pee and gets a concussion --- those kinds of things.

I just wonder how long before this pattern gets repetitive and how will the show be able to maintain the premise.

I mean, Sam isn't the unluckiest person on earth, is he? He's not having the worst week, every week?

Watching or ditching?? I'm going to see how it goes in a few more episodes...