30 September 2008

TV Ratings [09.28.08]

It's football season! Any other show comes second to a football season on American TV. I'm happy where TAR and Brothers and Sisters are. Their places are comfortable. The Simpsons, in its 20th Season, is still doing well. On the other hand, they've been on that long? I'm still on my fourth season DVD collection...I've got 16 more to purchase? :(

8.00 Block
Pregame/Sunday Night Football NBC 14.86 M
Extreme Makeover ABC 11.91 M
The Amazing Race CBS 10.29 M
The Simpsons Fox 9.30 M
Privileged (Repeat) The CW 1.22 M
King Of The Hill Fox 7.04 M

9.00 Block
Desperate Housewives ABC 18.44 M
Sunday Night Football NBC 16.44 M
Cold Case CBS 11.24 M
Family Guy Fox 9.20 M
American Dad Fox 6.86 M
America’s Next Top Model (Repeat) The CW 1.44 M

10.00 Block
Sunday Night Football NBC 15.02 M
Brothers & Sisters ABC 12.35 M
The Unit CBS 9.75 M