10 September 2008

Cable TV Ratings [Sept 1-7 '08]

Raising The Bar is this newest show on cable that's...raising the bar. It's a story about young lawyers and it's created by Steven Bochco who was behind LA Law and Hill Street Blues. Critics loved it. I must be missing something here. Or I'm too distracted by Mark-Paul Gosselaar's hair-do (see photo). Seriously, lawyers? They let them keep their hair like that? For...lawyering?

Not even making it to Top 10 last week was The Shield's final season premiere (which I still haven't seen...). It barely scraped by. Maybe its fans don't know it's on? The Shield usually comes around March and it's the first time it's running during the fall season.

Also debuting last week on cable was Sons of Anarchy. I hear good feedback for this one and I was able to peek a little. But my husband wants us to watch together. It looks like the testosterone level for this show is way up, judging from the opening scene. Problem is, he's always not at home so I can't even begin watching. Bleech.

Anyway, last week's top 10:

Source: Nielsen Blog