23 September 2008

How I Met Your Mother S4 E1 - Do I Know You?

With its return, How I Met Your Mother wasted no time revealing Stella's answer to Ted's marriage proposal. We know it's coming. In fact, there is a wedding set for October. What we don't know is --- Ted actually doesn't know his bride to be all that well.

When Marshall asked him what kind of present he and Lily should get them, Ted didn't have any idea what possible future Mother likes.
Marshall: Does she like to cook...
Ted: Actually, I don't know
Marshall: What's her favorite color?
Ted: Don't know that either
Marshall: Does she have any hobbies?
Ted: Yes. She's exactly that kind of person who would have hobbies...and interests too...
Marshall: You don't know anything about the woman you are marrying.
Ted: What?! You're crazy! I know plenty!
Marshall: What color are her eyes?
Ted: The color of the ocean after a storm...
Marshall: Which is?
Ted: ....Beautiful?
So Ted wastes no time "getting to know" Stella. And they ended up watching Star Wars one night, because Stella confessed she never saw this yet. Star Wars is Ted's all time favorite movie. Marshall thinks if Stella doesn't like this one, then their relationship is doomed.

Guess what Stella thought of the movie? (And I thought the same as Stella, if must know!)

Marshall to Stella ---

He watches it when he is home sick with the flu. He watches it on rainy Sunday afternoons in the fall. He watches it on Christmas Eve. Ted watches Star Wars in sicknes and in health, in good times and in bad...Do you really think you can pretend to actually like a movie you really hate?
Meanwhile....the legendary Barney is freaking out and is acting like that dork he was on Doogie Howser. He tells Lily he thinks he is in love with Robin.

"I wanna be with her all the time. I wanna hear about her day, I wanna tell her about mine. I wanna hold her hand, smell her hair. "

Unlike Ted's proposal, I get the feeling this one is something we'll have to wait awhile for. Robin doesn't even know why Barney is acting all funny around her. And by the end of the episode, it looks like we have the old Barney back. Maybe the writers are just dipping their foot in the water for this storyline... and find the water too cold just yet?