25 September 2008

Lipstick Jungle S2 E1 - Pandora's Box

Lipstick Jungle had been one of those shows I wasn't exactly sure I'd like but I kept watching it anyway, you know? With only seven episodes last season, I wasn't sure if I was watching it because there was nothing else to catch on TV; or if I was watching it because it had the right appeal for me.

Whatever it was, Lipstick Jungle stood out well enough to make me wanna look forward to it. The show returned this week for its second season run. And so far? I think I'm going with the second reason --- I am watching this because it had the right appeal for me!

I can't go over the details and recaps of what happened before this week's episode. It had been months since the first season aired. So, if you really want to, you can catch up with the short first season on DVD: Lipstick Jungle - Season One

What I can tell you however is my favorite scene for this week...

Nico (in photo, left) had collagen injections on her G spot. Why she got that is because she wants to make her marriage work and apparently, getting this done escalates the sensation when you're having sex. Anyway, the day she got her injections is the day Wendy (in photo, middle...yes Brooke Shields) had wanted her and Victory (in photo, right) to be present at a dinner she is hosting. Nico begged off because...she couldn't sit down for a two hour dinner. The injection made her super sensitive down there!

It was a funny scene, yet underneath it, there was also sadness. I mean, Nico had to endure all that to fix her marriage! If a woman goes at great lengths like that, something is seriously wrong with the union.

Brooke Shields and Kim Raver both had splendid delivery. One minute they were really funny, the next minute --- I felt really sorry for Nico but I was glad she had Wendy.

Wendy: What's going on with you? Sit down.
Nico: Oh, can't
Wendy: C'mon. You can't sit for a minute.
Nico: No, I can't...sit.
(She tries to sit but the sensation was probably just too much, she gets up. Wendy realizes what it is)
Wendy: Oh, no...you didn't.
Nico: What?
Wendy: Victory told me about...please tell me you did not go for that miracle shot!
Nico: So what if I did? You've done some outrageous things. I mean you greenlit a movie about a crime-solving chicken (Wendy is movie executive).
Wendy: Are you in pain?
Nico: I don't know what I'm in. All I know is that I can't sit through a two-hour dinner.
Wendy: Nico....why would you do this?
Nico: What?
Wendy: Why would you do this?
Nico: Because I can't be lying next to my husband and thinking about someone else anymore...I'm trying to get back to what Charles and I had when we first met. This may not be the whole answer, Wendy, but it's a start.
Wendy: Wouldn't it be easier to tell him the truth?