26 September 2008

TV Round Up Friday: Orders and Cancellations, Karate Kid and the President of the Universe

Crazy week of TV. It appears I'm watching, like, four shows a night. I'm loving it! Anyway, this week?

Duchovny's sex addiction? When I said it felt too much like publicity for Californication, I think I was right.

Have you met Grey's Anatomy's Dr. McSwimmy?

90210 gets a full season order.

But ouch. Our first cancellation of the season: Do Not Disturb. And they didn't even air that episode I got to watch.

Eli Stone's Jonny Lee Miller is going to be a daddy.

Clooney isn't keen on coming back to ER for its final season. No siree. He's a big screen actor now. He's so busy making movies.

We suspected just as much. I think he's the last person to know he is gay.

Listen to David Cook's first single, post-Idol.

The President of the Universe (in Battlestar Galactica, that is) is joining Grey's Anatomy for a multi-episode arc.

The Karate Kid will be on Ugly Betty.

Why are they still talking about this? Who cares? It's really, really old news, TV Guide.

Next year's Emmy host? Oh, yeah.