19 September 2008

TV Round Up Friday: Fey, Fi, Fo...Fun!

And how was this week on TV?

Jared Padalecki (Supernatural) talks about his Friday the 13th movie

Weekend ratings: Phelps and Fey score golden 'SNL' ratings; 'Fringe' builds its base. Also, Tina Fey was awesome as Sarah Palin. She really was. I am growing to respect her more everyday! And Tina's my age, I feel like a 12 year old compared to her!

Watch this MadTV spoof of So You Think You Can Dance. They do better at spoofing than SNL, me thinks.

Free downloadable TV series on IMDb! Whoohoo!

A Duran Duran member guest stars on Samantha Who?

Jeffrey Donovan is someone I wanna bite coz he's sexy, like so yummy as a cookie sexy! Really! He's heading to a Chicago theater after Burn Notice.

Fox is bringing Snowhite and the Seven Dwarfs to TV. And it's not that cartoon. It's derived from it though --- Georgia and the Seven Associates . The little girl in me is HAPPY! It's described as "The Devil Wears Prada" meets "Taxi". Hey wait a minute! Is this going to bump Eli Stone off the spot as the kookiest lawyer TV show today?

What the... True Blood gets a Season 2 right away. It's only been running for two weeks.

Chinese Ugly Betty? Not ugly. If anyone's interested, this is the girl playing our version of Ugly Betty

Candice Bushnell is working on another Carrie Bradshaw story ---- As a TEENAGER. Whooooa. Riding on the Gossip Girl trend are we?

Dylan McKay is the dad of Kelly's baby. She and Brenda are still fighting over him?

I am shock to read Jennifer Garner isn't a nice person. I have been reading a lot of that lately. She seemed sweet. So, really, she isn't?

Here's the full list of Emmy Creative Awards Winners.

Forget the Emmy's, check out these awards.