09 September 2008

Sign up for NuffnangPH

I have always been curious about Nuffnang. It's another service that allows blogger to earn coffee money, or beer money, or maybe even more. But back then, it didn't have any other means to support other Asian countries like where I'm from.

I was blog hopping yesterday and chanced upon a link to Nuffnang Philippines, and I immediately signed up to check its services out and set up the ad unit I have chosen for my blog. The next day, I was surprised to find I've become eligible for Glitterati membership, which means better opportunities for this blog. (I read that it takes 48 hours for Nuffnang to crawl your site for eligibility).

I have been wondering when will online advertising move the Philippine blogging landscape when there are so many Pinoy bloggers everywhere. At the moment, there's one dominant choice. But maybe that will change with Nuffnang. It's about time, isn't it? Local companies should be able to get a clue by now, huh?

* Nuffnang pays in local currency. A minimum of P2,000 cashout is required.