07 September 2008

Now, do you know who this guy is? And have you seen his sex tape?

First, the story about him...

He's got a sex tape going around the internet. Shocked? Hardly, yeah? Every celebrity and their grandmothers have internet porn going around the web. Whether they are the actual stars or not remains to be seen and proven. But for every Tom, Dick and Harry --- there's a sex tape each. So, big deal, yeah?

Now, this guy...there's a little slant to his story.

See, he's a familiar face on TV. That is, if you've been watching TV in the 90's. More so, if you've been watching Baywatch in the 90's.

This guy is Jeremy Jackson, now 27 years old and otherwise known as Hobie, the kid from Baywatch. Maybe this will help you remember:

He is trying to make a TV comeback and it's all supposedly fine and dandy. Except that, according to this story, his "image" may be tarnished by this sex tape he apparently headlined with a porn star and is now being sold online.

His statement goes:

"Around four years ago I filmed a sex tape in Las Vegas with Sky Lopez, this was a private tape and I have never given my permission for it to be made public. I had the only copy, but a long time ago I was threatened by someone claiming to be acting for Sky and told that I must hand over the tape for her to destroy it. All this time later I am told that someone is trying to sell it. I am upset by this as my career is really starting to pick up, I have a new US reality show and a studio film on the way and the sex tape route is most definitely one that I don't want to go down and I am taking legal advice on the matter."

I want to say --- he's a guy.... and this was four years ago which makes him 23 and not 16... what's the big deal? But when I think about it, had Jeremy been a former child actress making a TV comeback, this would be a big story. A scandal.

So my questions ---

Is Jeremy a victim? Does he have as much a case as a woman who has been exploited?

Or is this a stupid gimmick for his upcoming reality show?

And more importantly...why does he look nothing close to 27 years old? What has Hobie been doing, getting all wrinkled up? Did he forget to put on sunscreen the whole time he was doing Baywatch?