16 September 2008

17-year old Filipina Wows Them on Australian Idol 2008

I did not know she was Filipina. Or half-Filipina. I thought she had Australian aborigines blood in her, plus a mix of Caucasian genes. I loved her the first time I saw her audition. I even gave her 5 out of 5. She was the first one in the Top 12.

Last night was the first time all 12 showed what they can do. The theme was Idol's Idol. Chrislyn chose to sing an Aretha Franklin song which suited her voice and performance perfectly. In the VTR, she introduced her mom who she loves so much and says Mommy comes from the Philippines. Mommy's a bit camera shy, but yup, she is unmistakably Pinay. She must be really proud of her young daughter.

Chrislyn's performance last night? She came out on fire and earned the elusive "touchdown", sealing her number as the best one this week.

Watch her: