24 September 2008

Heroes S3 E1-E2 The Second Coming/Butterfly Effect

Who else can Tim Kring blame this disaster now? Last season, Heroes was criticized for its apparent lack of direction. The series was too slow. Because of the strike, Heroes was indeed in a slump.

To make up for this, the third season opened with everything. And I mean EVERYTHING.... that it was dizzying.

Characters were introduced really fast --- some of them have new powers or similar powers as another character; some of them we've seen before, but only different. Huh??

There were new stories to follow. Half of it seemed pointless (Nathan and religion, really? That's what they can come up with?) The creepiest of which was Mohinder turning into the Fly. Totally grossed out by this ----

Pacing seems to be a big problem with Heroes. If it's not too slow, it's waaaay to fast.

What else? Ah, Future Peter --- he makes everything so complicated. He has every kind of power imaginable, the most basic of which is that he can transport through time. So tell me this --- why did he have to go and shoot his brother to "stop" him from telling the world about them? Why did he not just transport to that time before the "speech" and convince his brother of what could happen should he out them all? Wasn't Peter taught violence doesn't solve anything? Because there isn't any limitation to what he can do, the things Future Peter does to advance the story seems stupid. There's the other problem.

And finally....I think we know where this chapter is heading --- to a bigger disaster, to a bigger destruction, probably with a lot of kick-ass effects, with every hero converging to save the world.

If that sounds familiar, it's because we've already seen it.

In Season 1.