03 September 2008


So I did say I was going to watch the pilot episode of 90210 just to see how Brenda and Kelly are doing. Saw it. Now over it.

There's so many things I feel sorry for about this show. But I'm just going to mention one --- Jessica Walters. Find this woman a better show! I'm checking out Privileged when it premieres next week and here I am thinking --- can she also play Grandma on that one instead? She would be so much fun playing Grandma to the lead character there.

Anyway, to be fair.... 90210 of the 90's wasn't exactly the best thing on television the year it came out. The pilot episode then was just as uneven, maybe even worse. And that one lasted 10 friggin years!

Maybe this new version has hope.

Maybe not.

The only thing I know for sure --- I'm not sticking around to find out if it will last even 10 months.