03 September 2008

TV Ratings [09.01.08]

Did Gossip Girl finally manage to find an audience during its TV broadcast? In spite of its popularity among the younger demographic, the show is having ratings problems. No one is watching it during the actual broadcast. Instead, people are catching it online or via DVR.

Here's how the shows ranked during September 1st's airing:

8:00 Block
Deal Or No Deal NBC 10.9 M
Prison Break Fox 6.2 M
The Big Bang Theory (Repeat) CBS 4.7 M
How I Met Your Mother (Repeat) CBS 4.7 M
Gossip Girl The CW 3.4 M
High School Musical ABC 2.2 M

9:00 Block
Two And A Half Men (Repeat) CBS 7.9 M
America’s Toughest Jobs NBC 7.3 M
Prison Break Fox 6.6 M
New Adventures Of Old Christine (Repeat) CBS 6.0 M
One Tree Hill The CW 3.1 M
Samantha Who? (Repeat) ABC 2.2 M

Shows from CW did better than expected. Gossip Girl ends up having its best ratings since it premiered last year. But since it's still the first week, the numbers don't mean anything yet.

Source: Nielsen