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07 October 2008

Monday Marvels

Not feeling quite chatty today. I went through Monday night's line-up quietly. I wanted to write losta things about how fantastic Monday's comedy is but I hesitated (read: I'm too lazy to do it). I know what's wrong with me. But I'll spare you the personal details. Coz, you know... it's ick-y.

Anyway. Marvelous Monday nights ---
  • Penny becomes addicted to online gaming in the Big Bang Theory. How I thought this show was too corny the very first time is beyond me. BBT is probably one of the smartest comedies. And you know what? There aren't a lot of 'em on TV now!
  • Ted lists the reasons why he loves New York over New Jersey in How I Met Your Mother. And I think I know one of the reasons why Stella isn't Mother. Oh, and Robin is moving to Japan. What is going on?
  • Sam's still having his worst luck on the Worst Week. They've introduced a third or fourth sibling. My god, how many brothers and sisters does Sam's girlfriend have? I crack up a lot when I'm watching this show but the jokes are mostly stupid. Between BBT and WW, my IQ points fluctuate.
  • Bryce is back on Chuck!!!!!!!!!! Yum. Also, it is official --- Chuck is James Bond now.
  • I have yet to break-up with (breakaway from) Grey's Anatomy and it seems I'm also going to do the same for Heroes. Can they do a Sylar spinoff instead? Mohinder = eeeeeeewwww!


  1. I'm so out of the loop! I miss watching the shows! Having my dear twin DL for me! :) I miss you Minds!! :) Hahaha...

    So excited for: HIMYM, Chuck, Pushing Daisies, GG and Heroes!!

  2. Didi!!! You've been flying in and out kasi. That's also fun!

    When you take a break from your travels, watch na. ;)