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19 September 2008

TV Ratings [09.17.08]

It looks like one of the shows I was keen on last summer is getting axed soon. Do Not Disturb, on its second episode continues to churn out badly executed comedy. But look at Bones. It's Wednesday's 2nd most watched show, next to America's Got Talent.

8.00 Block
America’s Got Talent NBC 11.1 M
Bones Fox 9.7 M
New Adventures Of Old Christine (Repeat) CBS 4.6 M
America’s Next Top Model The CW 4.2 M
Wife Swap (R) ABC 3.9 M

9.00 Block
America’s Got Talent NBC 12.9 M
Criminal Minds (Repeat) CBS 8.6 M
Til Death Fox 5.1 M
20/20: The Royal Family ABC 4.4 M
Do Not Disturb Fox 4.1 M
90210 (Repeat) The CW 2.0 M

10.00 Block
CSI: New-York (Repeat) CBS 8.0 M
Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Repeat) NBC 7.1 M
20/20: The Royal Family ABC 4.4 M

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