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01 October 2008

What I'm watching on Tepid Tuesdays

Not yet done with Monday's viewing list, here comes Tuesday's batch of new episodes. At least I've only got a few tune-ins, which means I can get caught up with the backlogs from yesterday...then again maybe not.

I've got House and Fringe today. Privileged and Greek, I watch them over the weekend or when my schedule is free for the week. The Shield, I'll watch everything in one seating. I'm still thinking if I should check out The Mentalist again. It did really, really well when it premiered last week. The only thing missing? Eli Stone, which doesn't premiere until the 14th.

I'd like to say Tuesdays are manageable. But these are one hour shows. And some of them are quite heavy to take on the brain; it requires my thought process going.

So there, brain mush still. Weee.

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