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07 September 2008

Samurai Girl

Let's start with what this show doesn't have...

It doesn't have action and violence. For a show with the words "Samurai" in it, there is surprisingly very little of that.

It doesn't have particularly effective and captivating actors. Their presence on screen? Pretty much blah. I don't need to be moved or inspired, I just need them to hold me in and convince me why it's interesting to watch them. Felt none of that.

It doesn't have great dialogues. In fact many of the lines the characters deliver are downright cheeeeeseball! Was this show created in the early 90's??

What Samurai Girl does have? A different story line. Think...Kill Bill meets 90210 (the OLD 90210). Sounds interesting?

It also has a slew of Asian actors --- good for the Asian acting community. I'm guessing they will ALL be gracing the Asian Awards next year.

Samurai Girl is based on a Japanese young-adult book, which was made into a Japanese animated cartoon and is now made into a live action American TV series. It will run for six episodes (a mini-series) on ABC Family. The series premiered last Friday.

Am I watching it or ditching it? Ditching.

Or.... maybe I'll catch it on cable. If it does turn up there. Whatever.


  1. I watched the pilot of Samurai Girl. I think it sucked. The main character does not look Japanese at all. I know she doesn't need to be actually Japanese, but at least she should look Japanese. And the lines are so lame. If I continue watching this, it would be because of Jake Stanton (Brendan Fehr). I think he's cute.

  2. He's the one on Roswell, right?

    Heaven's (Samurai Girl) too westernized.