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26 September 2008

Grey's Anatomy S5 E1 and E2 Dream a Little Dream of Me

I am starting to get a lot confused. Why am I still watching this show? I always ask myself that. I don't know why it's hard for me to let go of Grey's Anatomy.

Last night's two hour season premiere felt really longer than two hours. I couldn't wait for it to finish. The episode had award-winning actresses like Bernadette Peters and Kathy Baker but... (channeling Meredith Grey) seriously? They bored me to death.

There were plenty of fake-outs and dream sequences, including this one:

...an old Christina and an old Meredith.

Much as this was a hoot, I couldn't get why it suddenly had to be part of Christina's dream sequence. Actually, no...scratch that. I get it. This episode's entitled Dream A Little Dream of Me, isn't it? So I get why it's there. Except that these dream sequences felt really out of place. Like it was put there, not for the story, but as an attempt to do something different. Like it just... popped... without rhyme nor reason.

And why do I get the feeling that this episode is what Shonda and her team of writers used to "speak" to their audience? Speak, as in, explain why the show lost track and is now trying to find its way back. Seattle Grace dropping to #12? They were really talking about the show, weren't they? And the Chief's speech? Maybe I'm reading into it too much, but it sounded like the Chief wasn't just talking about Seattle Grace. It sounded like Shonda talking about Grey's Anatomy.

Writing for this show has gone waaaaay downhill.

But it had one good thing last night. And his name is Owen McGIJoe. As always, Kevin McKidd has such commanding presence on screen. How can I phase this show off my system now when they've got him?


  1. Yeah the new army guy doc was a great relief from some of the other threads last night. But...I was actually encouraged by the Chief's last speech. No more complacency. Time to get this show back on track. I'm hopeful. Have you checked this out? It's really fun: http://www.facebook.com/GreysAnatomy

  2. Hey, Mindy!

    Grey's Anatomy is my absolute favorite TV show but I have to agree with you that the premiere was such a drag. Too much highlight and information were put on the hospital victims more than usual.

    I kinda get the dream of Cristina (she's afraid of Mer moving on and leaving her behind). What I don't get is the one of Izzie's. Seriously! Denny again? I thought she got her resolved already when she hooked-up with George (which flopped)? Or did the writers forgot about that, too?

  3. Btw, you're right in your assumption that the Chief's speech is Shonda's battlecry. Check this out: http://www.greyswriters.com/2008/09/we-begin-again.html

  4. Thanks for that link Abbie. :) Baduy that they have to do that. Can they just write better story lines, instead of telling viewers through the characters they aim to get better?