04 October 2007

Heroes, Chuck & Carpoolers

Last night on Too Much TV....

I could not figure out which one freaked me out more:

Heroes - Season 2 Episode 2 - Lizard
  • Peter has amnesia but realizes he's got super powers. Peter is a stud. Haaaayyy......
  • Maya and her twin brother Alejandro? Super Twins! One kills, the other resurrects. But their story could get pretty old.
  • Mama Petrelli reveals she had a tryst with Hiro's dad. Whoa. Mama Petrelli, you naughty girl.
  • The Hatian is back.
  • Kensei heals really, really fast.
  • Cute flying boy still stalks Claire and finds her secret out.
  • Claire discovers she can regenerate like a lizard. I thought Mr. Muggles was gonna eat her toe.
  • Not a good episode this week. :P

Chuck Season 1 Episode 2 - Chuck vs The Helicopter

Episode synopsis from TV.Com
Chuck is beginning to adapt to his new life as a spy. Meanwhile, a doctor who could possibly "cure" Chuck is murdered and he must decide which of his two colleagues to trust.

Still not jumping for joy over this show. But I can get used to it. Could get on board with it. Loving Sarah, the CIA agent. Some parts were sloppy, that it makes me wanna wish it was a 30 minute show, rather than a full hour.

Carpoolers Season 1 Episode 1 - Pilot

Episode synopsis from TV.Com
We are introduced to Aubrey, Gracen, Laird, and Dougie as they commiserate about life on their way to work. On the ride to work as they miss all the traffic and fly in the carpool lane, Gracen tells the guys how upset he is that his wife, Leila, spent $200 of "his" money on a toaster. This starts a whole argument about marriage and money.

Would it be wrong if I said that I liked it?

It's still a bit uneven. The reviews have not been very good. I do think this show would NOT have a solid following. The characters aren't very likeable at this point, they are annoying.

But some scenes had me laughing. Especially, the first one with all four of them singing and emoting to Air Supply's All Out of Love.... I'm such a cheeseball.

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