31 October 2007

Brothers & Sisters S2 E5: Domestic Issues

Kitty is pregnant!

And look who's ecstatic and starts coming up with baby names:

  • Tommy talks to Lena and tells her they should keep it professional. Lena is pretty blunt by saying she wished things were different. Holly talks to Lena, too but something else was about to happen. Bad, bad girl that Lena!
  • Joe is a scumbag! He demands primary custody of Paige and Cooper in his divorce from Sarah. Kevin lawyers up for his sister. But Kevin isn't confident of his abilities but he still advices Sarah what to do. In the end, Joe won custody and Sarah is crushed. Joe picks up the kids while Nora's there, and momma dearest gives him the treatment he deserves. Whoo!
  • Justin overhears his mom and Kitty....and gossips about it to the family.
  • Kitty and Robert get into an argument about what this pregnancy would mean to the campaign. Kitty takes her stand, as always.
Ah, these Walkers, how tough they all are. Uhm, except for Tommy....he's tempted by a manipulative woman. :P