24 October 2007

October 22 - Monday's Ratings

1. “Dancing with the Stars” (8-9:30) (ABC) 19.96m
2. “CSI: Miami” (CBS) 15.48m
3. “Samantha Who?” (ABC) 14.35m
4. “Two and a Half Men” (CBS) 13.74m
5. “Rules of Engagement” (CBS) 10.82m
6. “Heroes” (NBC) 10.70m
7. “The Bachelor” (ABC) 9.20m
8. “The Big Bang Theory” (CBS) 8.72m
9. “How I Met Your Mother” (CBS) 8.60m
10. “Prison Break” (FOX) 7.45m
11. “Chuck” (NBC) 7.14m
12. “Journeyman” (NBC) 6.28m
13. “K-Ville” (FOX) 6.12m
14. “The Game” (CW) 2.54m
15. “Everybody Hates Chris” (CW) 2.53m
16. “Aliens in America” (CW) 2.35m
17. “Girlfriends” (CW) 2.14m

The Monday line-up seems to be my busiest. I am not actually able to watch everything at once, some of these, I skip to watch on weekends. Like last night, I got to watch only two from the line-up: Aliens in America and Samantha Who?

But I backtracked a little and watched the first episode of The Big Bang Theory. Yes, that is back on my list! Evidently, from what I've read, it's the best new sitcom around and I'd like to find out if it really is. I had seen the pre-air last July and found the laugh track very, very, very annoying. I still feel the same after one episode. But I'm supposed to watch the show develop to fully appreciate it. 1 episode down, 4 more to go...

And speaking of Samantha Who? --- ABC Television has found another hit in this one. Look at the ratings. It remains steady with 14+ Million for this week and previously. And you know what? The show ain't so bad either. I'm enjoying it immensely! Samantha Who? stars Christina Applegate (see first photo above) and is a comedy about a woman who wakes up from a coma to discover that before her accident, she was this ultra-bitch who didn't have any good relationships. Realizing that it's not the life she wants to have, Samantha tries to change for the better, while struggling with the fact that she couldn't stand how her former self behaved and treated people.

How I Met Your Mother earned its season high this week, with the funniest episode to date, How I Met Everyone Else. Have yet to watch it but this the first one I'm gonna do later today, when I'm done with real life (e.g. work, family, etcetera...) Speaking of those other distractions, I'm close to sulking in depression again. It's back at the bottom for me, in this roller coaster we all call life. UGH. I refuse to get dragged down by it. Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts! Things will fall in its proper place, I know.

Kristen Bell appears on Heroes this week. And she supposedly delivered and saved the show from becoming a one season wonder. How bad is Heroes' free falling?

09/24/07 16,970M 7.3
10/01/07 11,960M 5.5
10/08/07 10,910M 5.1
10/15/07 11,410M 5.2
10/22/07 10,700M 4.9

Those numbers on the far right are crucial. I'm pretty sure Heroes will have another season after this one, but it will continue to lose viewers.

Journeyman --- now that's a show to watch. Never mind the sorry ratings it is getting.

Also on this list is the show Rules of Engagement. It's not part of my regular viewing list but I've gone through Season 1 earlier...and did not enjoy it. :( It's about 30-something couples, people my age, dealing with problems people my age deal with. So, I'm supposedly its audience but I hated this show. Studio 23 is bringing this to local free TV, why????

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