07 October 2007

Ugly Betty Season 2 Episode 2 - Family Affair

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Betty gets a little overwhelmed about Wilhelmina's brand new hunky bodyguard. Plus, Henry returns to pay for insurance, which has Betty concerned about their relationship. Because of the fatal crash, Alexis gets amnesia and Bradford uses it to his advantage. Hilda comes to terms with recent events. And Amanda gets a surprise inheritance from her late biological mother.

After last week's episode left me weeping, this week's Ugly Betty was a combination of light-hearted fun and one scary Wilhelmina.

Wilhelmeister's angry!.....and she's out for blood.

The fun part was mostly thanks to Marc, who I believe had the best lines in this episode.

Marc stands as Justin's mentor on Mode, it seems. Maybe even his mentor in life in the future, the way they're bonding at work and especially now, when Justin needs a "father figure". For all the impish things Marc has done to date, when he comforted Justin about the death of his father, it reaffirms what I've always believed to be true and what he said about himself ---- Marc: I'm a good person. No, I'm a great person.

On to other matters:
  • Alexis, who is suffering from memory loss because of the accident and has forgotten she had a sex change operation, grabs her boobs and gives herself a thumbs up. No one has told Alexis what has been going on (parents divorced, mom in jail, dad remarrying the devil, brother was the reason for the accident).
  • Betty sold her soul to the devil. I mean, she made a deal with Wilhemina, who Betty witnessed being consumed with the "afternoon delight" with her body guard. And I did not know that song meant that, too!
  • Amanda inherits her dead mom's rat...errr....dog, who needs special care. The pooch has a monthly allowance of $1000.
  • Hilda is moving on. So glad to see her back to her old self. She sorts through Santos' tacky things and decides to keep just one item to remind her of him. She chose a lamp made from a bowling pin.
  • A distraught and drunken Henry visits Betty in the middle of the night to tell her that he knows about Charlie's baby and that he drank milk before he drank the alcohol (haha, does this work?). He wants to be with Betty.