30 October 2007

Wounded Up

It's amazing how much I pressure myself when in a tight fix. It's like watching the Energizer Bunny. On sugar rush, yet. But it's actually these things I enjoy best. I tend to cram everything and stress myself out. When I'm doing that, it makes me feel very controlled and useful. That's the Virgo in me talking.

Just yesterday, I managed to:
  • write my income-producing blogs
  • cook a pasta dish
  • prep the living and dining room
  • throw a lunch party with my extended families
  • take a nap in the middle of that
  • gush at my baby niece who I just want to pinch all day
  • subscribe to live feeds on Big Brother
  • did transcripts of that for a few minutes, for my GirlTalkin' sisters
  • watch my TV backlogs
  • visit a friend in nearby Pasig
  • had an incident at a gas station which took at least an hour to be done
  • watch regular TV
  • read a book
  • sleep for more than my usual four hours
Anyway, catching up on TV

Heroes S2 E5 - Fight or Flight: This was the episode Kristen Bell makes her appearance and for obvious reasons, I could not shake Veronica Mars off her. Especially when she questioned the Irish guy on Peter Petrelli's whereabouts --- that's usually what VM does.

Bionic Woman: Ah...I purposely did not watch last week's episode. I am considering dropping it now. I've wasted enough time.

Chuck S1 E5 - Chuck vs The Sizzling Shrimp: The episode felt like Rush Hour or some Hong Kong movie. What's with the freeze framing on the fight scenes, though? There are attempts at showing Chuck's personal life and relationship with his sister, perhaps to give this show some heart. But it was slightly creepy. In the premiere episode, it took me awhile to get into the idea that they are siblings. And it's still the same after five episodes.

Dirty Sexy Money S1 E5 - The Bridge: This show is my Brother & Sisters for this year, in terms of watchability... and alright, maybe in similar ways, it's a lot like B&S because of the family element to it. DSM just keeps getting better and better. It's fun watching how they live, with the kind of lifestyle they have. It's also interesting to see how they fix their mess. Or how Nick fixes it for them.
  • The twins are bratty millionaires but I'm still hoping they get their act together and come out winners.
  • Brian, the pastor, is evil and ill-tempered in many ways but I love the fact that, more than God, he's afraid of his wife. Bwahaha.
  • Karen is the manipulative sweetheart, hence her character is likeable.
  • The only Darling sibling I don't warm up to is Patrick. Politicians just suck.
Friday Night Lights S2 E4 - Backfire: Julie realizes the young guy she's got her eyes on isn't exactly prince charming material. Thank god she saw that very early. And hooray for the coach! He returns to Dillon Panthers! Although, I know this is just a set-up for what should happen next. Lawsuits may be involved, as the fired coach accuses Coach Taylor of backdooring him so that he gets his job back.

Journeyman S1 E5 - The Legend of Dylan McCleen: I hated the fact that Dan's ability (time traveling) is starting to affect even his son. But, what can he do? He still doesn't know how to control it well. Traveling back to the 70's and talking to his father at work was interesting to watch. Journeyman is an underrated show that deserves more attention.

Life S1 E5 - The Fallen Woman: It's difficult to watch a procedural drama when I have guests in the house. But what I have managed to gather from this episode is that a diabolical character plays nemesis to Charlie Crews. Cool. Potential recurring character.

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