11 October 2007

October 9 - Tuesday's Ratings

In color = shows that I actually tune to weekly

1. “House” (FOX) 17.73m
2. “NCIS” (CBS) 16.09m
3. “Dancing with the Stars” (ABC) 16.04m
4. “Law & Order: SVU” (NBC) 12.19m
5. “The Unit” (CBS) 11.13m
6. “Boston Legal” (ABC) 11.04m
7. “Cane” (CBS) 9.10m
8. “Bones” (FOX) 8.32m
9. “Carpoolers” (ABC) 7.36m
10. “Cavemen” (ABC) 7.00m
11. “The Biggest Loser” (8:30-10) (NBC) 6.65m
12. “The Singing Bee” (NBC) 6.72m
13. “Beauty and the Geek” (CW) 3.16m
14. “Reaper” (CW) 2.65m

This week's episode of House was actually better than last and it could be because the former ducklings now have a few minutes of airtime....things are slowly falling into place. The doctors vying for fellowship under House (am liking #13 and Cutthroat Bitch so far) calls on Cameron (ER Head) and Chase (Surgery) for help while Foreman has just been fired from his new job.

Here's House and Wilson looking at Cuddy's behind as she walks away from them

New shows Cavemen and Carpoolers are not doing great with the numbers. I don't really care, except that I do enjoy Carpoolers ludicrous premise over Cavemen's:

Cavemen lost 31% of its viewers last week.
Carpoolers down by 25%.

Those are really bad numbers.