03 October 2007

Da Huwaat?

Hooookey...I thought hard if I had to write something about it. Everyone seems to have said what is needed. And I just really wanna get back to watching TV. Hee.

But anyway....

First, thanks to every person who found their way into my little TV couch. My butt's grown a bit bigger since I first started blogging in my virtual TV couch, I'm sure you had to squeeze through it. But hope you got comfy while you were here. Sorry, I ate all the popcorn.

Second, I love TV. I hate TV. Sometimes, I'd hate what I've seen initially, and then I'd watch the rerun or review my media and I would surprisingly like it the second time around. When it comes down to it though --- it's only TV. When the screen goes black, life returns to normal.

Third, here is the complete scene from Desperate Housewives I got off Maying's blog link. (Maying, like wildfire nga!). I get where all the anger is coming from. At least 3 out of 7 Pinoys (stats are mine, no scientific basis) know someone or is related to someone in the medical field...so you must understand all the uproar from my fellow citizens.

Lastly, in the real world we all know what every Pinoy is capable of. A little TV show might have bruised our ego but what was said was written into the script. We shouldn't let a script define who we are.

I'm sorry I have to moderate comments from now on. I'd like to keep this blog as, really, just a nice place for entertainment. I sympathize with all your personal convictions and might be exchanging opinions with you in another venue. But in here ---- let's all just watch TV (or turn it off, it's your choice). You are welcome to come back and watch with me....just no Desperate Housewives (only because I got over this show a long time ago).