27 October 2007

Grey's Anatomy S4 E5: Haunt You Everyday

This would have been another episode with quality for Grey's Anatomy, but the Gizzie story line has thrown me off once again. Callie out Izzie in? They are actually together now? Tell me, when did that happen between episode 4 and 5?

Equally surprising (but totally loving the idea!) is the return of Dr. Hahn. Or Dr. Hahn's red scrubs (lovin' it!). Or her confirmation as the new head of cardiothoracic surgery. Or her bitchin' at Christina. Something more is coming from this story line and that's what I want to see!

Meredith washes her mother's ashes in the sink just outside the OR. She's been haunting Mer in her dreams and Mer believes this is where her mother wants to spend forever and ever. Mer's also been trick and treating around the hospital. A little boy is in need of new ears, and she is helping him get that. Mer is in her whimsically dark place....we let her be. Meantime, Derek, who was barely in this episode, realizes he needs to start dating again. Wha? Didn't he just say last week he wants to marry Meredith? Again, tell me what I missed between this week and last?

Ava/Rebecca returns. And leaves... with only her bra? After spending time with Alex in the on-call room (e.g. they had sex), she leaves her blouse on top of the pillow, for Alex to smell. ????

Bailey's marriage is in trouble. It would have been the first night her son gets to experience Halloween and she missed it. While agonizing over that, George apologizes to her with his adultery, and for becoming a disappointment. And Bailey said something that should actually make sense. Except that I got lost in it. What was it about again?

This episode has got me very confused.

But there's one thing I know now ---- Don't get married if you're interning at Seattle Grace. Because all marriages turn really, really bad here.