01 October 2007

Brothers and Sisters S2 E1 - Home Front

The Walkers are baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Season 2's opener is still making my mind woozy. The Walkers were all over my TV screen --- dialogue after dialogue after dialogue.

  • Nearly everyone was present at Kitty's birthday party. Yes, including the mistress Nora invited to celebrate with them.
  • Missing was Justine, who's fighting the war in Iraq.
But that's getting ahead of the story, because it was very crazy just right before the party started...
  • Kitty and Nora argued at a wedding gown boutique. It was caught on a camera phone and was posted on Youtube.
  • The siblings had a four-way argument at a Mexican restaurant --- Kevin was being self-involved; Sarah was pissed at Tommy for telling everybody the personal anecdote she told him earlier; Kitty was mad at Rebecca, who is fast becoming chummy with her mother.
  • And Nora bitched to a group of yuppies eating at what was supposed to be their table at the restaurant.
And then after all that commotion was the clincher in the end...it's about Justine and his status in Iraq. Is he okay or is he dead? (Don't read spoilers!)

Minor observation which I hope will not start a trend or seal a slump (knock on wood!)--- there were moments when I felt the scene was forced a little bit. It wasn't as great as last year's season premiere. But then the last five minutes made up for it. So, it's forgiven!

Nitpick --- when everyone else rang the doorbell to the Walkers home (Kitty and Julia did), but Kevin's boyfriend? He just walked right in. What's that about?

How I've missed this family!