16 October 2007


We began viewing the very first season of Supernatural last night. I don't particularly enjoy subjecting myself to a chill-fest and I can't understand the appeal of horror and suspense. The hubby is a big fan of the genre, though. He's a big influence on the variety of TV shows I watch for if not for him, I'd probably be sticking with the mushy chick stuff.

It's a great thing the show has two very likeable characters, at least I have something or someone to root for. Brothers Dean (the reckless one) and Sam (the calculated one), make it their life-mission to explore America's unknown....and eventually find where their father has gone. Save for the creepy storytelling on Supernatural (as in me, covering my eyes, or hiding behind the hubby's back, or looking away from the TV monitor most of the time), I have to say that I'm quite invested on the story now. Its hardcore Hardy Boys freak hunting. But Hardy boys I love. Freak hunting, not so much.